Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tron: Legacy

A man releasing a disc upwards into the air, embraced by a woman

From the moment I saw the trailer for Tron: Legacy I wanted to see the movie. I was like a little kid I was attracted to the cool lights… and the awesome, electronic soundtrack created by Daft Punk was a major plus. Watching this movie I did feel like a little kid the neon blues and reds were really cool. The action was alright I liked the motorcycles that come out of a stick you have to run and jump in the air to activate.
            While Disney is playing it up as an all 3D movie, only the parts where Sam Flynn is in The Grid are in 3D. I was mad that I to pay an extra three dollars to see a movie that is only partly in 3D. There is a message at the beginning of the movie telling viewers that some of the movie has purposely been filmed in 2D and some in 3D. Just know you need the glasses for The Grid/Tron scenes and that’s it.
            The story has a deep meaning of creation and a utopian society. Kevin Flynn set out to created a perfect world and found it. He created Clu to help him created the perfect world since he could not always be there. But since not all humans are perfect and Clu was made out of Kevin’s human likeness, the avatar created chaos and destroyed perfection. It is a plot we have seen before; it gets tedious after a while.
            I have never seen the original Tron before. The plot of Tron: Legacy is not hard to follow if you have never seen the original. There are some explanations for the new viewers so you won’t be completely lost.  Jeff Bridges reprises his role as Kevin Flynn and the avatar Clu. Since Clu has never aged and Jeff Bridges obviously has, a younger Bridges was computer generated. Sometimes the computer generated younger version of the actor looks horrible and sometimes when the camera is not too close on him it’s not bad.
            The acting was really good. Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn did a very good job of playing the risk taking character with a soft spot. He did not make Sam out to be a fool, the whole time you knew Sam had a heart for what his father has done but at the same time knew that that softness would not hold him back. Olivia Wilde was great, I always enjoy her acting. Quorra, her character, was being taught by Kevin to be a good fighter through Zen teachings and having her read classic literature. She was a bit naïve but it worked with the kick ass fighting skills she had.
            I liked Tron: Legacy but if I had a choice (I saw the movie with a guy friend who needs action and is in love with Olivia Wilde so there was no way he was willing to see The King’s Speech) I would have waited to see the movie on DVD especially since the whole movie is not in 3D.