Saturday, January 28, 2012

One For the Money (2012)

I am not sure what to say about One For the Money. It did not suck but it was not the greatest. I cannot be bothered with chick flicks they are so cheesy and predictable. One for the Money is cheesy and predictable but it was fun the romance was not in your face and annoying. Yes there was some romance but it really did not come on until the end when forgiveness is asked for. There were a lot of clichés I was waiting for but they did not come which left me happy.
            Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is not in a very good financial situation. When she gets to her mother’s house she lets them know that she is completely broke because she lost her job six months previously and that her car is about to get taken away. Now needing a job to save her apartment and pay her bills Stephanie’s mother tells her about her cousin’s bale bonds business. At first Stephanie is hesitant (not about the job but with her cousin) but with the want of money heavier than her dislike of her cousin.
            Her cousin gives her the job even though she has no experience chasing criminals or even holding and firing a gun. Stephanie sees that one of the wanted men is a guy named Joe Morelli who she used to know and he blew her off. She wants to go after him so bad to get revenge and the huge bounty for him is not so bad either.
            With some help Stephanie finds Morelli and eventually takes him in but of course along the way their old feelings for each other rekindle.
            There is a murder mystery but there is no tension to it. We know the guy has to be cleared in the end in order for the ending to be happy.
            The one aspect of the film that I really liked was that Stephanie did not become this like über bounty hunter she was just this clumsy normal tough Jersey girl trying to get revenge on an old boyfriend. I was expecting the character to become a Sydney Bristow or a Mallory Kane but she stayed an untrained bounty hunter with a big heart.
            Katherine Heigl is such a good actress which is the reason I will sit through any movie she makes. No one can do a good north Jersey/New York accent unless you come from those states (I always wish people could hear my family talk I am from Jersey. My dad’s family is from Jersey City and their accents are always fun to listen to haha) so no one did a good job with the accents they all sounded like they were from Boston. Debbie Reynolds plays Stephanie’s grandmother and is wonderfully hysterical she had all the funniest scenes.
            One For the Money is a typical chick flick romcom but it is not as romantic and mushy and stupid as the others. I do not mind that I spent money to see it in theaters but for others I would say wait for the DVD.