Friday, March 30, 2012

Solitary Man (2009)

I do not know what I was expecting with Solitary Man. I have to confess the only reason I even sat through this movie was because I saw Jenna Fischer on the cover. Other than Fischer I never would have sat through a film with Michael Douglas and the rest of the actors in it. I was just hoping that the movie was worth taking the time to sit through.
            Michael Douglas plays Ben Kalman a former car salesman. He was outrageously successful with lots of money and married. Over six years Ben and his wife Nancy (Susan Sarandon) divorce and he got into some big trouble with his business and spent much of his money to stay out of jail. Now he is a man that his daughter Susan (Fischer) is ashamed of, he sleeps around with any young looking girl.
            Ben is seeing this woman Jordan (Mary- Louise Parker) because her father has connections with car dealerships. He is all set to open a new car dealership until he sleeps with Jordan’s daughter Allyson. After that Ben’s life really gets out of control especially Susan refuses to do any more than she has already done for him.
            That is pretty much the whole movie in a nutshell. The reason Ben became a creeper was because he went to the doctor one day and the doctor did some kind of a test on his heart. After this Ben felt really old and that night found some hot girl at a bar to sleep with him and that set him off on cheating and trying to hook up with younger women and cheat at his business. He essentially took a lot of risks because of his heart and his age.
            I was bored with Solitary Man. Michael Douglas, Mary- Louise Parker, and Susan Sarandon are actors I do not particularly care for (True story: my grandma lives across the street from Susan Sarandon’s step-brother Tim. Just thought I would share). Jenna Fischer was excellent and I am not saying that because I like her as an actress. Her character seemed to have the most depth and she is the only one you really feel bad for. The story was just bored me it was a man going through a crisis in his old age and he lost everything because he was stupid. If we were meant to feel bad for Ben I did not he was a jerk. Solitary Man is not awful it is just was not my cup of tea.