Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Romantics (2010)

The only reason I sat through The Romantics was because of Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Malin Akerman, and mostly for Dianna Agron. Honestly, I just saw a screen cap from a website that had Dianna Agron and Anna Paquin then when I looked the movie up I found Josh Duhamel and Malin Akerman were in it so I found it just out of curiosity.
            Dull and nonsensical do not even begin to describe the movie. A group ten friends gather for the wedding of Tom (Duhamel) and Lila (Paquin). Laura (Katie Holmes) was asked to be the maid of honor. The only problem with that is Laura and Tom had dated for four solid years in college and then for one year when they decided to give their relationship another try. They saw each other off and on and slept together in the mean time. Lila has no idea how long Tom and Laura’s relationship lasted and how neither one of them is over it except their friends. They all go to Lila’s family’s home in some rich area of the eastern seaboard.
            The friends all get drunk and spend the night not with their significant other. Laura and Tom have it out and then sleep together outside. The next morning Laura lets Lila have it about Tom. For years Laura has been letting Lila take things from her and the final straw was when she took Tom.
            Load of crap this movie was. The cast was really good except for Katie Holmes who I am not fond of as an actress. Malin Akerman is the life of the movie her character is very carefree and outspoken. John Duhamel was an emotional sad mess which was weird to see because he normally plays good characters with a goofy side. Anna Paquin’s character was a total bitch and really spoiled, she was not terrible but not really good. Dianna Agron was in the movie in total for about five minutes and she barely has any lines she is just Lila’s younger sister who happens to rip the wedding dress. Elijah Wood is Lila’s drunk brother Chip and he is not even in the movie very much to even comment on him.
            The Romantics had potential with its cast but it just bombed. It was so dull and the story had no detail. What made the movie bomb even more was that there was no chemistry between Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes or him and Anna Paquin and this made their romances so unbelievable. Malin Akerman and the rest of the group had great chemistry. To me The Romantics is a hipster movie that tries too hard to me a real life modern love story and it fails miserably.