Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You For Me (1952)

You For Me is a cute comedy from the early 1950s starring Jane Greer, Peter Lawford, and Gig Young.
            While Tony Brown (Lawford) is out hunting he gets shot in the behind. Katie (Greer) is an OR nurse. She had wanted to go out that night to get a new dress for a dance that night but she is told she has to stay longer when Tony is brought in. Tony gives the hospital Katie works at one hundred thousand dollars a year. Katie gets fresh with Tony not knowing who he is and he takes the money away. After his surgery Katie is fired and the head nurse tells her she will never work in another hospital again.
            Doctor Jeff Chadwick (Young) benefits the most from Tony’s funding. He wants to find Katie to tell her to say sorry to Tony for what she said. At the dance that night when Jeff figures out who Katie is he is mad at her but then he softens up and asks her to have a drink with him. Jeff wants to have Katie get her job back and gets the nursing supervisor to do so. Jeff, the nursing supervisor and the head of the hospital want Katie to talk to Tony about the funding.
            When Katie goes to talk to Tony at his house his ex-wife is there asking for more money. Tony likes Katie and wants her to come over his house after she gets out of work to take care of him. After she leaves Tony’s house Jeff takes her to his place for dinner where he lives with his aunt. He shows her the monkeys he keeps for research purposes down his basement. They talk and soon they kiss.
            The next night Tony comes to pick up Katie for their date. He sits down on a chair and a spring come out getting him right in his behind which is still healing. The whole family keeps talking away and embarrasses Katie somewhat. Jeff comes to the house saying he was checking on her sister who is pregnant. He also checks out Tony and says that his wound needs to be checked out at the hospital and that Katie needs to check out her sister’s blood pressure. At the hospital Jeff goes to the supervisor and tells her he does not like that Katie is being used and that they have to get someone else to get Tony to give the hospital the money. The supervisor tells Jeff that even with the money the hospital is still in the hole. They can get along without him and his research if necessary.
            Both Katie and Tony get a call to meet at a motel with the message that the other has been hurt. When they arrive there a photographer show up and takes a picture of them. The ex-wife has set them up for blackmail. When Katie arrives home her brother-in-law is in trouble from a bad business deal that Tony had helped him with. Tony believes the only way to make things right with Katie is to ask her to marry him. He buys a new house for her parents.
            Eventually Tony realizes that Katie really loves Jeff.

            So You For Me is not one of the best romantic comedies ever but, as I said, it was cute. I only watched this film for Jane Greer and she was fabulous. This is weird but I love Jane Greer’s face she was not gorgeous she was pretty and for some reason I love looking at her (let’s not even talk about how incredible she was in Out of the Past I have so many screencaps of her in that film). I need to watch Jane Greer in  more films, besides her face, I do like her acting. Peter Lawford was alright I am not a big fan of his. He just seemed like he did not want to be making the film and just rushed all his lines. Gig Young really did nothing for me I barely remember his performance. Unless you like Jane Greer or Peter Lawford or Gig Young I cannot suggest watching the film otherwise. You For Me is not available on Youtube or DVD. Keep an eye out for it on TCM.