Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Flypaper (2011)

“You know what they say. Normal's just a cycle on the washing machine.”

            Throughout the history of the movies there have been countless movies about bank robberies. There can either be comedies or they can be dramas or even action. There is usually always some kind of twist like one of the hostages is in on the heist or the hostages wind up outsmarting the robbers and saves the day. Flypaper actually utilizes everything I just mentioned bank robbing movies and totally flips all the stereotypes on their heads.
            It is the end of the day close to when a bank is about the close for the night. Tripp (Patrick Dempsey) walks into a bank looking to make change out of his $100 bill. He literally asks for change no bills. The teller Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) notices all the change he wants in certain coins comes out to prime numbers. Tripp seems to have no filter and just says whatever comes off the top of his head like asking Kaitlin some personal questions. His watch goes off and he says that lets him know that he needs to get his medication.
            Downstairs three men break into the bank without setting off any alarms. They are professionals. They are wearing all black and wear some heavy duty masks to hide their faces. They are also some scary looking guns.
            As Tripp is about to leave he notices two hicks walking in and immediately knows that they are there to rob the bank. He jumps behind the counter onto Kaitlin. Soon the other three robbers come storming downstairs and then gunfire erupts between the two teams. Tripp just walks out into the middle of the gun fight and has them stop shooting. He asks each team what they are in the bank for. The hicks, nicknamed Peanut Butter and Jelly, say they were going to hit up the ATMs and the bad ass guys are breaking into the vault. They agree to leave the other alone and rob what they want. The bad ass guys throw all the bank employees into the break room and black out all the glass so they cannot see what is going on.
            Tripp manages to get out of the break room to investigate some things. He is obsessed with trying to find out about the dead guy. Turns out he was FBI. Through some other clues and his ability to remember and see multiple things at a time he pieces the puzzle of what the robberies are all about.
            In the mean time several of the bank employees and members of the bad ass guys start dying one by one and sometimes in the most hilarious ways. Also along the way Peanut Butter and Jelly just totally screw things up for the bad ass guys.
            The ending is really good. There is a good twist on the character of Kaitlin.
            The cast was so damn funny. I am so used to seeing Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy where he is all serious and dramatic. I thought he was hilarious. I loved his character from the moment he walked into the bank. It is the same thing with Ashley Judd she usually does serious movies she was very funny and a little bad ass in some scenes. Octavia Spencer was another teller. There are some scenes where you have to listen to what she says and I promise you will be laughing. Jeffery Tambour is in the movie as the boss of the bank. He does not do too much until the end and he is good.

            Flypaper was hilarious. It is rare that do not have a complaint about a movie and I do not with this one. It was so well written, acted, and directed. The story is what I liked the most it was so different and entertaining. I like how the characters come together and how the story unfolds. The story is very much like Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and Clue as well just with crazier characters. Highly, highly suggest seeing Flypaper it is a brilliant mix of comedy, some drama, and action… all of what should go into a typical heist movies but this is definitely not your typical heist movie. And that is what makes Flypaper so brilliant.