Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Princess Bride (1987)

“Hear this now: I will always come for you.”
“But how can you be sure?”
“This is true love - you think this happens every day?”

            The Princess Bride is a movie I have always wanted to see. I know so many people who love it and the quote “As you wish” is usually on lists of top movie quotes of all time. It looked silly and fun and it was. But, being me, I do not see the big deal with it.
            The story begins with a little boy who is home sick. His grandfather comes to visit him for the day and brings along a book that his father used to read to him when he was a boy and he was sick. The book is called The Princess Bride. The boy is not thrilled with the title because it sounds like a love story and all he wants is something that has to do with sports.
            The story in book begins with a young country girl named Buttercup (Robin Wright) who’s family runs a vast estate. There is a farm boy named Wesley (Cary Elwes) whom she has a slight infatuation with. Over time Wesley and Buttercup come to love each other. Unfortunately he has to go away for some time and Buttercup promises to never love anyone else.
            Five years pass and Wesley does not return home. Buttercup still pines for him but has been betrothed to the prince Humperdink. Somehow Buttercup is kidnapped by a guy named Vizzini and his two cohorts Fezzik a giant man and Inigo Montoya who only lives to seek revenge for the murder of his father. They whisk her away on a boat and Fezzik realizes another boat is following them. Vizzini has the boat go between an eerie cliff and they climb it. The man in the other boat follows them. Vizzini, Fezzik, and Buttercup leave the cliff side where the man is climbing up and Inigo stays behins to fight him. The man manages to fight off Inigo and eventually Fezzik and kills Vizzini.
            The man is dressed all in black in a mask. He claims to be a notorious pirate. Buttercup cannot stand the man she tells him to go away but accidentally pushes him off a very steep hill. As the man rolls violently down the hill he yells out “as you wish” which is something Wesley used to say to her all the time whenever she ordered him around on her farm. Buttercup realizes who he is and rolls right down after him.  
            Things happen, Buttercup gets taken back to the castle, she thinks she is married to the prince but she really is not, Wesley was killed then brought back to life, Inigo gets his revenge, and Buttercup and Wesley live happily ever after. Also the little boy likes the story in the end and asks his grandfather to come over the next day to read it to him again.
            Honestly I still do not see what the big deal about The Princess Bride is. I thought it was cute, Cary Elwes was beyond beautiful, and there were scenes that made me laugh a bit but there was not anything in it that I could see why it is such a classic. I guess maybe because it was a different way to tell a fairy tale and it was a bit silly. I would not mind watching The Princess Bride again. It was not terrible it was enjoyable and is definitely a movie I can suggest seeing.