Monday, March 14, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

“All I have are the choices I make, and I choose her, come what may”

            The Adjustment Bureau is one of the best stories to come out in the movies since Inception. Although this is based off a short story and Inception was an original that fact does not hinder the originality of the movie. From start to finish there is not a moment of the movie that lets up it keeps going at a wonderful pace.
            Matt Damon plays David Norris, a young politician campaigning for a seat in the New York senate. One night after a crushing defeat when he was sure to win he meets a girl named Elise (incredibly played by Emily Blunt) who is a bit of a free spirit that David cannot get enough of. He meets Elise on a bus one morning and finally gets her name and number.
            But another force has different plans for David. They call themselves The Adjustment Bureau, they have been the ones fixing the fate of the world since the beginning of time. They tell David he and Elise are not meant to be together they have a different plan for him. Unfortunately for the Bureau David is head over heels in love with Elise and she the same. They try to keep them apart but somehow David gets through their games. No matter what they do to him he finds a way to get to the woman he loves.
            The cast was so good. I am not a big Matt Damon fan, to me he is ok. I have to say I really liked him in this movie. He made you really feel for David, he was so good. Emily Blunt is one of the few actresses around today who has restored by faith in modern actors. I have seen her in some other movies and I like her a lot I like her acting. She played every emotion she had to portray perfectly. This pairing and the characters worked so well. David is a serious politician and Elise is a free spirited ballet dancer. In any other kind of situation this pairing would suck because no story could handle something like this as well as this movie. David is not cold and just looking for a good time and Elise is not flaky and crazy. They are both controlled, mature people in love.

            The Adjustment Bureau is awesome. It is so smart and so clever. Along with all the drama, suspense and action there are really good lines of humor thrown into some chaotic scenes. I liked how it was a love story but it was not a typical love story there were so many other things to the romance, literally. The whole morality issue of these people interfering with these peoples’ lives is so interesting. There is one scene where a man from the Bureau is trying to talk sense into David to leave Elise. He tells David there is no such thing as free will the Bureau tried to give man free will in the early Twentieth Century and for fifty years without them man started both World Wars, The Holocaust, and almost brought about the end of the world. I found the concept of love in this movie very interesting. These two people just loved each other so much that nothing would get in their way of being together. David was ready to give everything up just to be with Elise. Love does not matter about anything else when someone is love there is nothing they will not do. Love is not told in a corny chick flick way it is told as an against all odds thriller and suspense. The theme of free will along with the theme of love is fascinating together.
            The movie makes you think. You will never look at a door or a man in a hat the same way ever again. It makes you think every time you spill a drink or are late for an appointment or meet someone new if someone other than God and fate has a plan for you.
            See this in theaters especially if you liked Inception and would like to see a movie with a great story.

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