Friday, March 1, 2013

Argo (2012)

“This is the best bad plan we have, sir.” 

            Argo was a movie I had no intention of seeing. It looked very good but once I saw Ben Affleck starred in and directed the movie there was no way I wanted to see it (unpopular opinion- I hate Ben Affleck). I changed my mind when my brother was watching it and I caught the first few minutes of it before I had to leave for class. The beginning hooks you in right away.
            Since the movie is based on something that is based on a historic event that happened thirty-three years ago and the fact that this is a new film with reviews all over the place I will not go into too much detail.
            The United States embassy in Iran has been taken over by revolutionaries. Of the fifty or more people working in the building six workers manage to escape and take cover in the home of the Canadian ambassador. Now the American government needs to get the six hostages out of Iran before they are found out and killed.
            The CIA calls in exfiltration specialist Tony Mendez (Affleck). None of the plans the CIA came up to get the six out of the country are any good. Tony comes up with the idea to pretend he is shooting a movie that is set in the desert and the hostages will be part of the film crew. Even this plan sounds does not sound great but it is a lot more credible than the other plans. Tony gets in contact with two guys out in Hollywood and they agree to produce a fake movie. They have to make it sound and seem like they are actually going to be making this movie so the Iranians will buy into it as well. There needs to be posters and write up and drawings of the layout of the movie. Tony finds an awful sounding movie called Argo that takes place in the desert.
            With a load of tension that made my heart race out of control Tony is able to get the six hostages out of the country. Unfortunately the mission is classified which means the Canadian government is given the full credit for the rescue.
            I really had no issues with the movie which is surprising given my hatred of Ben Affleck. I actually liked him!! I give him credit he is a very good director. The rest of the cast was great. Alan Arkin is hilarious he always seems like he has no time for anything and he seems constantly annoyed and I love it.
            If you ignore the fact that the events were dramatized for the sake of a story for a movie Argo has a great story. The tension in this film is fantastic I love it when I movie can me go crazy with nerves. I also like how there was humor. The humor almost feels uncomfortable given how dire the circumstances are. Argo is absolutely worth viewing from beginning to end it is tense and exciting. I am happy I sat through this and happy that Affleck won the Oscar for Best Movie he deserved it.