Thursday, July 11, 2013

7 Women (1966)

“So what's normal about that? As a matter of fact, what the hell is so normal about any one of us nuts sitting at this table?”

            7 Women is one of the worst and most annoying movies I have ever seen in my life. I never would have watched a movie with this title and plot had it not been for Anne Bancroft. The story was awful and the characters besides Bancroft’s character were annoying whining women.
            Dr. D.R. Cartwright (Bancroft) is sent to be a doctor in a missionary in China. The area in China where the missionary is located is in turmoil. A powerful warlord has been terrorizing villages and the missionary is in his sights. The women in the missionary are all strict and worrisome over the smallest things. Dr. Cartwright throws the women of the missionary for a loop. She is brash, speaks her mind, tough, and smokes. She is a woman of science in the middle of women of faith.
            The warlord attacks and the only thing I remember after that is he wants someone for his ransom and Cartwright volunteers to be it. Also the head of the missionary cracks up like an old chicken.
            Good lord I thought this movie would never end. It was so bad. It was not even funny bad which would have been bearable it was just bad and unbearable. The story was laughable, well maybe not if the right actresses had been chosen and the characters were not so damn annoying. I seriously could not believe that Anne Bancroft made a film like this it is not like she was forced to under the old studio system since it was not around anymore. At least her character was the only one with their head screwed on the right way and she was a tough broad with a bad attitude. I also cannot believe that this was directed by John Ford. His direction was not terrible he had some great shots. It just kills me to think that this amazing director made this really unforgettable film. I would have liked to have seen Bancroft play a tough character like Cartwright in another John Ford film. Walter Plunkett also designed the costumes. Again this is the man who made the costumes for Gone With the Wind and several MGM films and musicals during the studio era. Poor man. 

            Absolutely stay away from watching 7 Women… unless you are a fan of Anne Bancroft like me and want to see as many films of hers as you can. Even if you are a fan of Anne Bancroft drag your heels and hold off as long as you can to see 7 Women. It is available to view in parts on Youtube if you feel like seriously wasting your time.