Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This is the End (2013)

 “I don't wanna die at James Franco's house.”

            This is the End is such a guy movie. The only reason I went see this horrid thing was because my fourteen year old brother wanted to see it since all his friends had and he paid for my ticket. It started off alright and then as the story progressed it got annoying and old. All the actors are playing exaggerated versions of themselves and if these are truly exaggerated versions of themselves I would not want to meet any of them they all seems like outrageously annoying and awful people to be with.
            It starts off with Jay Baruchel visiting Seth Rogen in LA for a few days. Jay does not like a handful of Seth’s friends and is completely not happy when he is dragged to a party at James Franco’s house. A ton of celebs are at the house.
            Jay and Seth walk downtown to go pick up some cigarettes when all the sudden lights shine down and drag people away and the ground shakes and fires start. They get back to James’s house and nothing seems to have happened there. All the sudden the house starts to shake and everyone runs outside. A giant hole opens in the ground and pretty much the entire party gets sucks into it. Only Seth, Jay, Craig Robinson, James, and Danny McBride are left. They barricade the house with whatever they can find and plan to stay there until everything blows over.
            Of course this does not go to plan and some of the guys wind up dying.
            The only guys I could take out of the cats were Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson. They were the only ones that were not annoying and were actually funny. Jonah Hill I despise with a passion. I hate seeing his face and I do not think he is funny whatsoever. James Franco’s exaggeration of himself was terrible he looked like an asshole and acted like one. I guess that was the point of his exaggeration. Danny McBride I find funny for like five minutes and then I cannot stand him.
            The cameos were the only saving grace of this movie. Emma Watson had the funniest scenes. She survived the apocalypse that happened. She threatens the guys with an axe and steals all their drinks. I was dying listening to her drop f-bombs. My absolute favorite parts were when Rhianna punches Michael Cera in the face and when he dies. He is another one I cannot stand at all he annoys me to absolutely no end. At the end the Backstreet Boys show up and sing and dance to “Everybody Backstreet’s Back.” The ten year old fan girl inside me freaked out so bad when I saw them!
        I also liked how they all got bored and made Pineapple Express 2. That was hilarious they had their costumes on from Pineapple Express
            I am very happy I did not spend my own money to see This is the End. I did not mind the crude humor at all I am used to that with three younger brothers. There is no plot to the story, it is not funny, and it is really slow. If you like all the actors in it go ahead and see it but I honestly suggest not wasting your money to see This is the End in theaters. Wait until it comes on Nextflix to see it for free.