Friday, January 17, 2014

Swinging With the Finkels (2011)

Never heard of Swinging With the Finkels? Don’t worry I never did either before I sat down to watch this. And do not worry it is not a movie that everyone should see.
            Alvin and Ellie Finkel (Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore) have been together for nine years. Their marriage has become come to a plateau, there is no excitement in their marriage anymore and they have no idea how to spice things up. They take advice from their friends and coworkers but none of it seems to work for Alvin and Ellie.
            Their friends Peter and Janet (Melissa George) have been going through the same thing the difference is they have two small children. Peter is a dentist and slept with one of his patience and after he tells Janet she throws him out.
            From her friend, Ellie gets the idea to “swing” to invite another couple around and sleep with them. Both are not really sure if it will work and it does not seem like they really want to but they go through with it. Their night of “swinging” was a bust and their marriage falls further and further down the hole. Finally Alvin suggest living apart for a while. Alvin goes to stay with Peter. The two men spend a day with his kids and Peter admits that he misses Janet and being home with her and their children. Janet tells Ellie the same thing that she misses Pete and that they have been together for so many years it would be a shame to not work things out and stay together.
            Like all rom coms Ellie and Alvin get back together in a very clichéd ending that I saw coming right from the beginning.

            I honestly only downloaded Swinging With the Finkels because Melissa George is in it. She was great the woman has a knack for being in small parts and just really making them stand out and memorable. I like Mandy Moore I was very happy to see her in a movie. Moore was very good as well. I do not think she gets a lot of credit as an actress. Martin Freeman does nothing for me I do not think he is a great actor he does not seem to have too much range. I was not too crazy about Swinging With the Finkels. Maybe it is because I have never really been in a relationship or maybe it was just boring I cannot tell you. Unless you like any of the actors in this movie skip it.