Friday, January 3, 2014

The Killer Inside Me (2010)

“It's always lightest just before the dark”

            Four years ago when I was in London I saw posters for The Killer Inside Me in the Tube stations. The title alone intrigued me along with the cast. Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck, and Jessica Alba are three actors I could not really picture being in a movie together let alone one with such a title.
            The story is about a police officer named Lou Ford (Affleck) in a small Texas town he has lived in all his life. He sent to tell a prostitute named Joyce Lakeland to get out of town before she is arrested. She smacks him and yells at him to get out then he smacks her back and then all the sudden they are having sex. Then he starts coming around to see her more.
            The local big shot in town pays Lou to get Joyce out of town because his son is going around with her and wants to marry her. Lou gets the son to Joyce’s place and he winds up beating Joyce’s face to a pulp and then shoots the son making it look like Joyce shot the guy. The local big shot takes Joyce to a bigger town where she can be taken care of but she dies.
            After this Lou begins killing people to get to his end of taking the local big shot down. His plan backfires. He figures out that the police have evidence on him and he needs to clean up his mess.

            I cannot offer a better explanation because I was not crazy about The Killer Inside Me. Unfortunately only the title was intriguing. I forgot how awful Jessica Alba is as an actress and Kate Hudson really is no better. Casey Affleck is not that great himself. The story was actually surprisingly shocking because it was brutal. It was not like crazy fake gory it was real life gory. Some of the violent scenes you really do not see coming and they shock you. I think The Killer Inside Me could have been a lot better. There could have been a better cast no doubt about that. It felt very slow and I lost interest. There was just no hook it began boring. The only redeeming quality of the movie is the music I actually really liked the music.