Saturday, February 15, 2014

Between Us (2012)

In one of my graduate classes I am currently taking the teacher has us read pages and pages of articles and then has us write a one sentence- yes, one sentence- summary on each of the articles we read. This is no small feat when some of the articles can be over sixty pages long and the material is dry as can be. As I was watching Between Us everything about it felt as if I was reading one of the sixty pages for my class. It was dry it was boring and it was too long even at an hour and a half.
            The plot revolves around two couples that used to be friends. Carlo (Taye Diggs) and Joel used to be college friends. While Joel is loaded and owns his own advertising firm Carlo can barely make ends meet. Carlo says he is happily married to Grace (Julia Stiles) and it is obvious Joel has not been happy with his wife Sharyl (Melissa George) in a very long time. When they meet both times in the story both couples try to disguise how happy they are.
            I was seriously so bored with the whole movie literally right from when it started. There was nothing redeeming about the characters even though I think that is the point. You in no way feel bad for any one of the characters they are all jerks who are completely happy with wherever they are in life.
            I had been hoping the story would be somewhat entertaining since the cast was really good. Melissa George is one of my favorite actresses she always gives a great performance no matter the material and she did give a good performance here like she usually does. Julia Stiles is fantastic she really does not get enough attention. She looks great and her acting just gets better with every movie I see her in. Taye Diggs is always a good actor. It was nice to see him and Stiles together in a movie. The guy who played Joel to me just got pushed aside he was not that good compared to the other three actors. I wish the story had been better for George, Stiles, and Diggs.
            I will give some credit to the direction. There were certain camera angles at the beginning that were really creative and very different.
            Between Us was very boring. I will admit there were moments in the movie that were not too bad but the whole thing just bombed. I am all for a different type of story but watching unhappy couples is not the type of movie I want to watch. It is uncomfortable and miserable to go through relationship problems in real life why would you want to watch a movie about that? Only watch if you are a fan of either Taye Diggs, Melissa George or Julia Stiles and even then seriously think it over before watching it otherwise absolutely Between Us.