Thursday, February 13, 2014

Your Sister's Sister (2011)

I have watched a handful of movies both old and new that I went into not knowing what the plot was about or had a vague idea. Sometimes I am happy I did not know what the plot was and sometimes I wish I had so I could have avoided it. Your Sister’s Sister falls somewhere in between both sides but it was not too bad.  
            A year before the story of the movie takes place Jack lost his brother Tom. He is still reeling and cannot get out of grief. Tom’s friends throw a party to honor his memory and among the guests is Tom’s ex-girlfriend Iris (Emily Blunt). She sees Jack is not happy and practically forces him to go up to her father’s place on a remote piece of land. Jack relents and goes.
            When Jack arrives at the house Iris’s sister Hannah is there. Hannah tells Jack that she has just broken off a seven year relationship with her girlfriend. They sit down at a table and drink shots of tequila into the night. They get the idea to sleep with each other even though Hannah has not been with a guy in years.
            The next day Iris shows up. For a while Hannah and Jack act a little awkward around each other when Iris is around. He does not want to tell Iris because he really likes her and he knows she really likes him.
            The cat flies from the bag when Hannah has enough and tells her sister about sleeping with Jack and that she did so she could have a baby.
            Your Sister’s Sister is not a bad movie it started off great but I wound up not really liking the plot near the end. Well put it this way, I am not thrilled with stories where two people sleep together and they cannot let another person know it is overdone and annoying. The acting was great. I read that most of the dialogue was improvised. It definitely has that feeling but it kept the movie real and entertaining. The actor who played Jack was very good I liked him a lot he was funny and real. Emily Blunt was wonderful. I watched the movie because of her and she has yet to not be good in a movie to me.

            Your Sister’s Sister as I said is not a bad movie. I was happy not knowing most of the plot beforehand because the acting was very good but I kind of wish I did because I got bored with it. The ending just ends and lets you think of what happens which I liked a lot I love ambiguous endings. I would recommend watching Your Sister’s Sister just for the acting and the direction was not too bad either.