Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silent Sundays: The Perils of Pauline: The Deadly Turning (1914)

In this exciting episode of The Perils of Pauline entitled Deadly Turning our heroine Pauline Marvin (Pearl White) has entered herself into an auto race. She has not told anyone she entered. Pauline tells Harry and her guardian Koener when a letter arrived to inform her that she has been accepted into the race.
            Koener sees this as another excellent opportunity to get rid of Pauline so he can take her money from her inheritance. He goes to another one of his many associates for help in his quest. This associate he threatens most likely because Koener knows something he did and does not want word to get out. Koener tells this associate to take his car (Koener’s) in the race and when they come around a bend he is to get close enough to Pauline to make her go over the edge. Koener has yet another associate throw something on the road when Pauline comes to a certain spot to make her crash.
            During the race the associate who was supposed to be throwing things on the road is caught and chased away. And the other associate did not manage to get Pauline to go over the edge. Pauline safely wins the race.
            The Deadly Turn is short running just under ten minutes. There was no time to really feel any excitement or to get into the story. Even though she did not do anything significant in this film Pauline Marvin is still a great film character. Here is a woman in 1917 entering an auto race. What a daredevil!