Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life as We Know It

“They love Sophie more than anything in the entire world, and out of everyone, Messer, they picked us.”

I know, I know this is a chick flick and chick flicks usually suck. Life as We Know It was not bad. It was a different kind of chick flick story and one where they really don’t get together nicely until the end and even then Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel’s characters are still working things out.
            Katherine Heigl plays Holly Berenson who is a serious no nonsense type of girl who runs her own deli. Josh Duhamel plays Eric Messer who basically sleeps with any girl and works for the NBA as a camera operator. Both have their best friends who are married to each other in common, her friend is Alison and his friend is Peter. At the beginning of the movie we see Holly getting ready for a date and she waits since he is late. The date she is waiting for is Messer who eventually shows up looking like a mess. They walk out and Holly sees he has a motorcycle which will not fly since she is in a dress. She insists they take her smart car and poor Messer can barely fit in it (Josh Duhamel is over 6 feet tall). The date doesn’t even happen. Messer has the balls to make a booty call on the phone in front of Holly.
            They cannot get away from each other since they’re best friends are married to each other. Holly and Messer fight whenever they see each other. Both of them have a deep love for Alison and Peter’s baby Sophie.
            Holly sees a guy in her shop who comes in all the time and always asks for the same kind of sandwich. The guy’s name is same, they talk, make eyes at each other, he drops his card in a bowl and he leaves. That night Holly is calling every Sam that dropped their card in the bowl. She finally gets to the right Sam but he doesn’t pick up so she leaves a message. In the middle of leaving a message a call comes through and it’s obvious it’s not good.
            Next scene is Holly at the police station after she gets the news that Alison and Peter have died in a car accident. Messer shows up and Holly tells them the bad news. Both of them go to Peter and Alison’s house for the night and to wait for the lawyer in the morning.
            The lawyer comes and tells Messer and Holly that Peter and Alison have left Sophie to them to raise and the house to them as well. It’s a big decision for both of them since they don’t get along very well and neither one of them knows the first thing about raising kids.
            So long story short….. Messer and Holly raise Sophie together and eventually start getting along… the end. 
            I was waiting for Holly and Messer to sleep together which they totally did and then ate some pot brownies and watched the Wiggles.
            The movie could have been over a lot sooner than it did. It was too much seeing how each of the characters had different lives and the difficulties of raising a kid they weren’t ready for. In one part they both tried to change the baby’s diaper and poop was all over the place… really? My 17 year old brother knows how to change a diaper and not get everything all over the place.
            The neighbors were annoying and unrealistic to me. The one female neighbor was out of control annoying.
            I’m waiting for both Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel to be in movies that are not chick flicks and are well written. This wasn’t bad but it could have been better in so many areas. Both actors are so good. Katherine Heigl won a damn Emmy for her dramatic work on Grey’s Anatomy we know she’s good at drama and yet she keeps doing these kind of comedy/dramas that are not the greatest. Alright she was fabulous in Knocked Up but that was a few years ago now. She’s not doing Grey’s Anatomy she has the time to do movies that aren’t rushed and have some value to them. Josh Duhamel always seems to play the dude who sleeps with everyone or the hot guy who knows it. I loved and adored him on Las Vegas, I wish he could play someone like Danny McCoy again (and maybe have Molly Sims join him?). I know the guy can act there’s some to him that needs to get out. We all know he’s a hot guy but for once I would like to see him to a movie where he’s not a womanizer and knows he’s good looking. Josh Duhamel is going to start getting stereotyped and I would hate to see that happen to him he has a lot of potential.
            I liked Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl together. They seemed to fit just right together… maybe it’s because they keep playing the same characters they play over again. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in another movie together some time. 
            So basically it was a good movie but not the greatest. You can tell it was the same ole same ole by my short description. There were so many things that work. To me it was a different kind of chick flick it wasn’t all just romance and that will- they – won’t- they. I was actually surprised by the ending I though Messer and Holly would have been married and it would have been a few years down the road and they had their own kid but it was a year later on Sophie’s 2nd birthday.
            See it if you want in theaters. I’d wait to catch it on Netflix.


  1. Me and my wife are big Katherine Heigl fans and did want to see this one. But we will wait for the DVD. Thanks for the review. And I love your blog so far. A nice beginning.

  2. Ha ha. That poster's pretty funny. Nice blog!