Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blades of Glory (2007)

“I see you got fat.”
“I see you still look like a fifteen year old girl, but not hot.” 

            Blades of Glory is one of my all time favorite comedy movies and I am so not ashamed to admit it. Yes, I know this is coming from a person who is constantly watching classic films that are sophisticated and well made but even I sometimes like a really stupid modern comedy movie with some of the worst acting and ridiculous plot. I remember seeing this movie when it first came out and just dying laughing the whole time.
            Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are two of the best men’s figure skaters in the world. They are complete opposites in every way: Chazz is a macho sex addict who likes to improvise his routines while Jimmy is a clean very girly looking and acting guy whose routines are very precise. They are loved by fans all over the world. At the World Figure Skating competition in Stockholm they tie for first place and neither are very happy. On the podium to accept their gold medals they get into a massive fight and are then banned from men’s figure skating.
            Three years later Jimmy’s former stalker Hector (Nick Swardson) finds in the rule book that Jimmy can still skate if he can find a partner for the pair skating category. Jimmy goes to Coach (Craig T. Nelson)- his former coach- to let him know about the findings. Coach gets all upset because there is not enough time to find a partner since try outs are in a few weeks.
            Chazz is now a drunkard working at a skating show for little kids. Jimmy just happens to go to the place where Chazz works to find a partner. The two continue their feud and get into a brawl. The fight is shown on the news and Coach sees them. He sees that they would be a perfect pair after he notices they lifted each other with skating lifts.
            Neither Jimmy nor Chazz are very happy about their paring since they are night and day but they bear because they want to skate professionally again so bad. The skating community is not too pleased about the pairing especially the brother and sister team of Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg (Will Arnett and Amy Poehler). They have been very happy wither Michaels and MacElroy out of the picture they saw the attention and the medal as theirs for the taking. At the press conference and signups for the competition they notice that Jimmy and their younger sister Katie (Jenna Fischer) like each other which leads to not very nice things.
            Jimmy and Chazz hate working together but of course as time goes on they begin to get along. Katie begins to really like Jimmy and feels bad that her brother and sister are forcing her to sabotage the pair’s skating routines and their relationship. Coach has Jimmy and Chazz do a very dangerous routine for the finals, it so dangerous that the first pair to do it one of the skaters was killed! But Chazz and Jimmy want to win again they agree to do it.
            Stranz and Fairchild almost get their wish when Katie causes a (hilarious) rift between Chazz and Jimmy but the two eventually see what happened and forgive each other. They go on to win the gold medal.
            Trust me the movie is ten times funnier than I have explained it. I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan he goes over the top too much but in this movie he is so funny. Everyone in the cast is perfect it is one of my favorite comedy casts ever. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are hysterical together and what makes them funnier as a brother and sister team is knowing they are married in real life. They are both so outrageously silly they really do make the movie. Jenna Fischer is beyond adorable I wanted to just hug her the whole time. Before this she was always sweet cover up Pam Beasley from The Office and in a few scenes in the movie she has her boobs hanging out of tight shirts and saying “sex sex sex what can I say I love sex” when she went undercover to one of Chazz’s sex addict meetings. My favorite scene is when she went to Chazz’s room in a sexy outfit and Will Ferrell was groping her boobs haha. Needless to say Pam Beasley was forever ruined for me but in a funny way. Jon Heder was alright he was supposed to be the straight, innocent man. Nick Swordson as Jimmy’s stalker Hector is a panic I love seeing him in movies.
            Blades of Glory is one silly ridiculous movie I can sit through all the time. It is a mindless comedy that is just fun to watch. Heder and Ferrell are so polar opposites with their comedy that they actually complement each other and bring so much more to the movie. Blades of Glory reminds me a little of the good old screwball comedies that provide a much needed laugh

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