Tuesday, May 22, 2012

After Hours (1985)

 “What do you want from me? I'm just a word processor!” 

            Dear God I do not think I have ever been more bored watching a movie before than when I sat through After Hours! (I feel like I am going to be hit with flying objects now) The concept is great but I found the whole thing way too creepy and boring it moved way too slow for me. The only good thing I can say about the movie is that it was directed by Martin Scorsese. There some awesome editing, zoom ins, and panning shots… and that was about all I liked of the whole thing.
            The story is about this guy Paul Hackett who working as a word processor during the day. We are shown that his life is pretty boring and lonely. After a day of work he meets this girl in a diner and they get to talking. She gives him the number for her friend and when he gets home he calls the number. The girl’s name is Marcy and she lives down in Soho with her Marcy sculptress friend Kiki. Paul gives the number a call and speaks to Marcy who tells him to come down and talk. On his way downtown he loses his cash when the cab driver drives too fast along a corner and the money is taken by the wind.
            As soon as he gets to the apartment the whole movie becomes really dark, surreal, and creepy. Kiki is this weird artist who lives in a huge loft; no offense to anyone who is an artist living in a loft. Marcy is not there when Paul gets there so he hangs out with Kiki and works on her sculpture a bit. Marcy comes back and they get to talking but she is a little flaky and odd. Sometime later Paul storms off and leaves.
            When he leaves his life for the next few hours is just turned completely upside down. He gets blamed for robberies happening in the neighborhood, he meets the craziest women ever, he meets Marcy’s boyfriend who was a bartender. All Paul wants to do is get back home.
            I really just could not get into After Hours. As I said the concept sounds good but everything else was just too much for me. Only see After Hours if you are a huge Scorsese fan.  

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