Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gone Girl (2014)

“You two are the most fucked up people I've ever met and I deal with fucked up people for a living.”

            Gone Girl is totally fucked up!

            And that is my review of the movie…..

            Ok, no, that is not my entire review but let me tell me you if I were to leave it at just that sentence alone it would suffice. Seriously, Gone Girl is totally fucked up and insane. It is insane but totally genius. The female character is a sociopath and terrifying yet completely genius. Gillian Flynn, the author of the book and writer of the movie is terrifying as well because this is a damn dark story I would not want to know who and what was on her mind as she was writing the book.
            I will be keeping my write up of the plot short because everything would give the story away and there would be no point to watch and you much watch it.
            Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) comes home one afternoon and finds his front door open and his glass coffee table shattered. Nothing else in the house has been disturbed. His wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) is nowhere to be found. Scared and confused Nick calls the police. Detective Boney and Officer Gilpin (Patrick Fugit) respond to the call. Detective Boney takes a look around the downstairs. She finds a small blood stain above the stove.
            Soon the police and the media are swarming around Nick’s house. Detective Boney and Officer Gilpin throw all their suspicion of murder onto Nick especially after they find an envelope in Nick and Amy’s room with “Clue One” written on it. Nick explains that Amy would make envelopes like that for their anniversary every year it was a treasure hunt. Turns out Amy did make the clues actual clues and she is using them to make her husband look suspicious. The whole town comes to hate Nick through the media and all their false reports. Also making things worse for him is the fact that Amy’s parents wrote children’s books based off of her called The Amazing Amy.
            Nick’s life spirals out of control. We learn that all the reason why Nick is in his situation is partly his own fault. Everyone who comes into the story in this movie is not who they seem to be and try to be someone they want to be but are not.
Rosamund Pike was beyond brilliant, so brilliant in fact that I did not see her as an actress I truly saw her as this mentally insane fucked up manipulative woman. This woman deserves to be nominated for an Academy Award. Her performance is literally one of the best from an actress I have seen in a movie in a while. I think the rest of the characters kind of suffered because they were well known actors. Ben Affleck was good. I am not a big fan of his but I will say that this is definitely one of his better performances I have seen. He did not get on my nerves like he usually does.
            What I liked about Gone Girl a lot is that not one of the characters was likable. All the characters were terrible people. I hated them all and that was fantastic. It was so frustrating watching these people be assholes to each other. When characters and a story can frustrate me it is awesome. But as awesome as the unlikable-ness of the characters were and the frustrating story, there was something about the movie that I could not totally get into. Is that weird? Yeah, that is weird. It is a bit hard to explain. Maybe this will help: my brothers and my mom each saw the movie twice, they loved it. My one brother bought the movie on Blu Ray the day it was released. I did not think Gone Girl was great enough to see again and buy it on Blu Ray. I think Gone Girl is worth watching at least once especially for the characters and how horrible they all are.    

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