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Rushmore (1998)

“Maybe I'm spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays. I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.”

            Do you remember that one kid who was a smooth talker and always had the attention of the teacher? They were the kids who never really did too well but for some reason everyone knew them and the teachers liked them. There are not many types of people I have patience for in life those kids and even adults I have zero patience for because the good students and workers kind of go unnoticed. These students/workers are usually involved in certain extracurricular activities that seem totally crazy. We all know people like this they are all over the place. The 1998 comedy Rushmore takes a look at a student who sucks at school but has his fingers in every kind of extracurricular activity you can think of and even ones you don’t.
            Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) attends the prestigious Rushmore Academy for boys. He is there on a scholarship. Instead of spending his days studying Max spends all his time on extracurricular activities in clubs such as the Calligraphy Cub, Backgammon, Bee Keeping, etc. He also writes and directs plays. Since his grades are terrible Max is put on academic probation. Max is not happy but instead of trying to up his grades he takes on a ridiculous task and focuses his energy on something he can never win.
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            Max found a book in the library that had something written in it. He finds out the last person who wrote in the book is a teacher named Rosemary Cross who works at the school. Max goes to see what she looks like and finds himself falling in love with her. He starts trying to woo her by saying he is smarter than he is and even trying to get some kind of aquarium built on the school’s campus.
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            He also becomes friends with the father of twin boys who attend the school named Herman Blume (Bill Murray). Herman likes Max because he is not an idiot like his sons are. He decides to back Max in his plan for building an aquarium on campus especially after he meets Rosemary.
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            The story gets a little crazy. Herman and Rosemary begin to have an affair and Max finds out and then he goes out his mind trying to get her back.
            Rushmore was alright. I did not really care for it but I did not hate it. Max is such an annoying character. I actually found myself rooting for him to get egg on his face by everyone he pissed off. Wes Anderson has a very unique of telling stories with his writing and direction that I like. Rushmore is worth watching at least once. 
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