Friday, February 20, 2015

Gimme Shelter (2013)

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Gimme Shelter is one of those movies I have no idea what made me want to watch it. I am not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and the story did not seem that interesting. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical looking like a mess on the DVD that made me want to see it. Yeah, that is what I will say it was, Vanessa Hudgens looking like a mess. It turned out to be a movie I am glad to have watched because it turned out to be very good.
            Apple Bailey (Hudgens) is a troubled sixteen year old girl. She kind of had no choice but to be troubled since her mother (Rosario Dawson) is a crack head and a prostitute. All her life Apple was in and out of foster homes and then back to her abusive mother. Apple has enough and goes looking for her father, Tom. Tom has become very rich over the years. He lives in a big house in a rich suburban New Jersey town. Tom is willing to work to get to know his daughter but his wife is not especially after Apple finds out she is pregnant.
            Apple walks the streets of Newark aimlessly. A guy tries to pick her up in his car. She gets in the car and drives off. Since she does not know how to drive the car winds up getting smashed into and she lands herself in the hospital. A priest comes to visit Apple. He tries to help her get off the street for the sake of her baby. Apple does not like the idea but eventually she trusts the priest and he brings her to a home for troubled girls who want to keep their babies. At the home Apple becomes close to the girls and learns to trust people. She also manages to become close to her father.
            There is a lot more to the story and a lot of feelings. I cannot properly explain more of the detail or the feelings. You just have to watch the movie.
            I cannot give enough praise to Vanessa Hudgens. That girl was incredible. I could not believe this was the sweet girl from High School Musical playing a tough street girl from Jersey. Honestly I have nothing more to say about her performance because it was just that good.
            Gimme Shelter was a very good movie. I found it good because of Vanessa Hudgens. The story is sad but it does have a happy ending. I felt terrible for the character of Apple. She just wanted someone to care for her and a place to be safe but she did not trust anyone for a long time. I also liked Gimme Shelter because it took place in New Jersey. I live in the Garden State so I always love a Jersey mention. There was a scene that showed two exits I am very familiar with. One was an exit I used to get to class at Seton Hall University. Many scenes were filmed around Newark which is not the greatest of places to be either day or night (trust me I know I have been in the city at both times). I got so scared for Apple walking around by herself! Anyway, Gimme Shelter is a movie I definitely recommend watching especially for Vanessa Hudgens’ performance. 
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