Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inch'Allah (2012)

Inch’Allah may be the first movie I have watched for this blog that I do not really have too much of an opinion on. It was well made and very well acted by the entire cast. The story and the characters just did not do anything for me.
            Chloe (Evelyne Brochu) is a Canadian doctor working for a hospital in the war torn areas of Jerusalem and Ramallah. She is staying in Jerusalem and is friends with a Jewish girl named Ava who is a soldier working as a checkpoint soldier. In Ramallah Chloe has become a friend to a woman named Rand and her family.
            Being in both places Chloe sees what the never ending conflict has done to the people. Rand’s husband is in jail for something most likely having to do with the conflict. Ava is sad to see the violence towards the people who just want a better life and can only achieve that for some time with their passports and special papers. Chloe’s feelings are torn because she knows both sides of the struggle. Unlike Ava and Rand who see everything as natives, Chloe sees everything as a foreigner so she can never truly understand. Chloe just wants to help her friends but she is stuck.
            I mainly watched Inch’Allah for Evelyne Brochu. To me she is Delphine Cormier from Orphan Black. I am not thrilled with Delphine which in turn has not made me thrilled with Brochu so I wanted to see her in another role. Brochu is not a bad actress at all. She played Chloe very well. Maybe now I will like Delphine a tiny bit more. I will not say to not watch Inch’Allah. As I said it was well made and well acted. Maybe I was not taken with it because I do not watch the news so I do not know in any detail what is going on in Israel and the Middle East. I am glad I watched Inch’Allah though because now I can say I have seen it (I work in a library and the DVD goes out a lot) and it is another role I have seen Evelyne Brochu in.