Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Girl in the Cafe (2005)

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 “Don't think because I'm not saying much that I wouldn't like to say a lot.”

            I hate when I movie starts off decently and then just gets progressively boring. Great way to start a review right? Well, unfortunately that was how The Girl in the Café went for me.
            I am not even going to write a summary. All you need to know is are these points:
-          A man named Lawrence (Bill Nighy) and woman named Gina (Kelly MacDonald) meet in a café when he sits down at her table since the place is crowded.
-          They are extremely awkward people who can barely look each other in the eye let alone speak comfortably with each other.
-          They meet for lunch some time later and then start seeing each other for short amounts of time.
-          One night Lawrence asks her to go to Iceland with him for a World Summit meeting his has to attend. Gina agrees to go.
-          The whole time they are in Iceland their situation is uncomfortable and boring and dull.
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            There you have it the very basic plot of the movie. if I were to explain anymore and have to think about it I would fall asleep right now.

            I was disappointed with the way The Girl in the Café turned out. Sometimes I like not knowing what a movie is about because I may not have watched them based off their description. I have to say The Girl in the Café is one of those times I wish I had read what it was about. I should have known I would be in trouble since it was written by the same person who wrote Love Actually and I hate that movie so much. The only reason I watched this movie was for Kelly MacDonald. I adore her. She was good but her character and the material were boring. Same goes for Bill Nighy. The story and much of the movie I could have found boring because my ADHD was kicked up immediately with how slowly it was starting off. It had potential I thought it started off decently with Lawrence and Gina meeting in a café. In this case I would not have minded the typical shitty love story. The Girl in the Café drags terribly for an hour and thirty minutes. 
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