Monday, March 9, 2015

Blood Pressure (2012)

          I believe that people come into your life for a reason. They can come into your life for the better or the worst. I think we all want someone to come into our boring lives and shake things up and to just make us feel better about ourselves. Something similar to this happens in the movie Blood Pressure but with a very interesting twist.
            Nicole Trestman works a job as a pharmacist. She is married and has a daughter and a son. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her family. It is evident that her husband and kids walk all over her and expect her to do everything for them. One morning she receives a letter with details about her work life and other aspects of her life. The writer states that he knows how no one appreciates her and he would like to show his gratitude and help her feel better. If she wants to continue all Nicole has to do is place a green sticky page to the window facing the street. As the day goes on Nicole just feels ignored and unappreciated. That night she places the sticky page in the front window.

            With each letter the writer gives Nicole instructions and places to go. For her birthday he gives her a half day at a massage parlor. He tells her to go follow a guy with a cane in the park and to go to someone’s house and watch over them as they sleep. Another day it is lessons at a gun range and a karate center. Nicole is uncomfortable with some these tasks but for some reason she keeps doing them as if drawn by an unseen force. Her family and coworkers start to see her strange actions and activities.
            Eventually Nicole meets who has been sending her the letters and why he has been. The reason for the letters and activities gives the story a great twist.
            Blood Pressure had a really good story. It starts off as what I guess could be seen as a typical story and then this twist comes. I thought it was pretty genius. The ending was good it made Nicole see her life and people differently. Blood Pressure, for me, is an example on why it pays to get into an actor or actress and seek out as much of their filmography as you can. The reason I watched this movie was for Tatiana Maslany. She plays Nicole’s daughter Kat and she is not in it very much. I adore this girl and her acting so much that I will watch anything she is in. (Bonus for any of you who watch Orphan Black like me: Kristian Bruun aka Donnie plays Nicole’s boss!) I am glad I looked for Blood Pressure to see Maslany because it was a good movie. It was different and interesting. It is barely available anywhere to watch. I rented Blood Pressure off of iTunes