Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Horns (2013)

“In the end, I embraced the horns. Like an angel who fell to earth I became a devil, one last time. But revenge is all consuming.”

            More often than not whenever movies try to mix genres they just bomb. To me it is rare when a movie can mix certain genres and be good. The 2013 movie Horns mixes drama, mystery, supernatural, a small amount of comedy. That is quite the mix and one that sounds like it would make your head spin. It is actually really good and wonderfully different.
            Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliff) is accused of killing his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple). The whole town believes he is guilty and do not want him anywhere near them. News station vans follow his every move hoping for some kind of remark or break for a story. The only person who truly believes Ig’s story is his long time friend and lawyer Lee.
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            Merrin’s father and a few people from town go to where she was found murdered and hold a small vigil. Her father hates Ig and wants to see him brought to justice. The site is where Ig and Merrin used to go together and spend their time in an old tree house. Ig is in tree house away from prying eyes. He is drunk and when everyone leaves he comes down kicks over some statues and pisses on the religious candles. Another friend, a girl, comes by. She knew Ig was in the tree house and brings him home.
            The next day Ig wakes up with the girl next to him. He also wakes up with something coming out of both sides of his forehead. In the mirror Ig sees the growths are horns. When he comes out of the bathroom the girl acts really strangely around him saying how she wants to eat all the donuts because no one in town would care if she was fat or not. He asks her if she sees the horns on his head and she does but she is not freaked out by them.  Ig goes to the doctor. In the waiting room is a mother with a small daughter screaming her head off. The mother sees Ig and confesses to wanting to kill her daughter or just leave her in the office so she can go run away with her golf instructor. Even the receptionist confesses to wanting to kill the girl and hitting the mother to make the girl shut up. He grabs the mother’s arm and he can see all her sins or secrets she has kept to herself. The doctor and the nurse are really strange around him. The doctor tells Ig that he can see the horns but when he looks away it is almost like he forgot they were there. (I have to throw out a Doctor Who reference I cannot help myself: this reminded me of the Silence. Creepy buggers those things were).
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            The doctor puts Ig under to try to cut the horns off. While under Ig dreams of the day he first Merrin and his friendships with his old friends. They have all played an important part in his life and still do. Out of everyone in town the only person who cannot see the horns is his friend Lee.
            Throughout the day Ig realizes with his horns and their power to make people confess he can persuade people to lead him to Merrin’s murderer.
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            I am definitely not going to give away the rest of the story so I will end there.

            I really, really liked Horns. I had no idea what to expect with this movie so I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the story. Daniel Radcliff was awesome. I did not even see him as Harry Potter he was that good. I guess because it was Radcliff in the role of Ig I felt so bad for his character. The poor guy loved this girl so much and he was being accused of doing something he could never have dreamed doing. I liked the way story worked as a mystery and a drama with a supernatural aspect. I also very much liked the way story played out. At certain times I was never quite sure how the scenes were going to play out and what was going to happen next. I absolutely recommend watching Horns. It is one of the best newer movies I have seen in a while. 
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