Monday, March 2, 2015

You and Me and Everyone We Know (2005)

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 “You think you deserve that pain but you don't.”

            Ever feel like you are just wandering through life? You are just going through the motions of being human and doing what you think should be done? Have you ever felt like you needed to connect to someone emotionally not just in a friendship kind of way? I sure have felt like I have been wandering through life like a zombie and at times I have longed for an emotional connection in the form of a boyfriend. I hate those feelings. Fortunately I have gotten over that zombie feeling because I feel a lot better about myself and my (good) choices in life. That took a long time but in the end it worked out. Still looking for that connection though, well not really but eventually I will in some form.
            Yeah so this post just got really deep there but it does have something to do with the movie You and Me and Everyone We Know.
            There are multiple stories of connection, hope, fear, and happiness throughout the movie told through the various characters. The movie begins with Christine who puts all of her emotions into her video based art works. Richard and his wife have separated and his sons have come to live with him. He does not really have any clue how to act around them or how to really take care of them. The oldest son catfishes someone through an online chat room.

            Richard works as a shoe salesman in a department store. Christine works for a company that drives elderly people to places. The two of them meet Christine brings an older client in for new shoes. They hit it off and she comes back to see him again. They walk to their cars and awkwardly flirt since they have no idea how to act around other people they are not used to.
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            Here’s the deal with me and this movie: I liked You and Me and Everyone We Know. It was different and quirky and a bit on the artistic side. But I feel like there was something about it that I could not fully get into. I was not totally confused with the story I was able to follow it and gauge the characters and their emotions/feelings. I did like how all the characters, even the kids, wanted to be a part of something and wanted to feel things more than they were feeling. Also all the characters come together in certain ways and I love that kind of thing in movies. I could have been turned off a little by the fact that Christine was trying to get her digital art into a museum. I have degrees in Art History and museum studies. Digital art such as the type Christine makes drives me crazy. I will leave it at that I will not go into detail so I do not get things thrown at me. I am not a snot when it comes to art I promise there is just something about digital art that I cannot fully get behind. Apparently Miranda July who plays Christine and wrote and directed the movie has made several videos such as the ones Christine makes. I did like July's direction. It made you feel like you were actually right there with the characters. Anyway, You and Me and Everyone We Know was a good movie. It is worth seeing at least once.
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            I found out about You and Me and Everyone We Know through the Tumblr blog Old Films Flicker run by the awesome Marya Gates. She is a film blogger on multiple social media platforms. Marya is currently watching and writing about films made by women in what she is calling A Year With Women. Absolutely go check out her Tumblr and her blog Cinema-Fanatic to find out more about her project. Marya can give you a better understanding of You and Me and Everyone We Know than I can.