Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Felony (2013)

“Prison is for pricks who don't have that punishment here. Not you. Not me. Doesn't make sense. Alright?”

            I am not really shore how to start this review. I could go into talking about how it seems like lately certain police officers are not upholding the law themselves and doing terrible things to those they were sworn to protect but I do not feel like getting twenty thousand comments and hates. Plus, I am such an adult and only really get my news from what is posted on my Tumblr feed from the people I follow. I know, I am such an adult. I could also go into how even as a twenty-seven year old I still get nervous about driving sometimes and god forbid I take my eyes off the road for even a second I will either hit a car or someone. But I will not because who really wants to hear about that. These things I could bring up do have something to do with the movie Felony. Instead I will just create a summary of the movie.
            Mal Toohey (Joel Edgerton) had just led a team for a drug raid of a warehouse. One of the drug dealers shoots Mal but fortunately he was wearing a vest and only comes away with a bruise. To celebrate the raid the team takes Mal out for drinks. By the end of the party Mal is a little drunk. One of his fellow detectives tells him that there is a roadblock checking for drunk drivers and to give them a specific code word so he can bypass it. Mal gives the codeword to the cops at the roadblock and drives away.
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            The cops should have stopped Mal. While driving down a street he hits a boy on a bicycle with his car. Mal stops driving and goes over to the boy on the road and then calls in the emergency. He lies to the police when they come to the scene. He says that he saw another car hit the boy. The older cop on the scene Carl Summer does not question Mal. The younger cop Jim Mellic is suspicious and soon begins to dig deeper into the accident and Mal’s report.
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            Carl tells Mal to not tell anyone what really happened. Carl’s logic is that Mal is a hero what happened to that boy on the bicycle was an accident. Soon Mal feels tremendously guilty and wants to come clean but Carl refuses to let him do so because his name will also be dragged into the whole mess for covering the crime up.
            I am not going to go into the rest of the story. To be honest it was quite boring and a bit predictable.
            I only wanted to see Felony because Melissa George is in it. She plays Mal’s wife and is only in the movie for a few minutes. I like Melissa George a lot as an actress and trust me when in say I have sat through a much more boring movie than Felony just to see her. Joel Edgerton not only starred in the movie he also wrote and produced it. The writing was not really that bad I think it was just the story that bored me. Major props to Joel Edgerton for writing the movie, though. Felony was not terrible it is worth seeing at least once
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