Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silent Sundays: The Danger Girl (1916)

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The Danger Girl is a very nice short twenty minute silent film that can literally be summed up in one sentence. But I would like this review to be somewhat substantial to I will write a summary to the best of my abilities. I say “best to my abilities” because by the time I had gotten around to watching The Danger Girl I had gotten up early today and by the time I watched this film I had already watched two other silent films and I was getting pretty tired. I kind of got the plot as I was watching it so here goes a somewhat coherent summary.
            A girl has just kicked her boyfriend Reggie out of her apartment after a fight. Reggie sees A Worldly Woman out on the street ready to go for a horseback ride. He figures his girlfriend is made at him and it does not matter if he goes for a ride with other woman. His girlfriend comes out to apologize but she does so too late and sees Reggie riding away with the Worldly Woman.
            Reggie and the Woman are out riding on a remote road in the woods. Well, the road is not remote enough as a speeding driven by the Danger Girl (Gloria Swanson) comes racing around. Reggie had thrown his horse’s shoe on the ground and the car runs over it giving it a flat tire. The Danger Girl and her boyfriend Bobby get out of the car. Bobby immediately goes and flirts with the Worldly Woman while the Danger Girl gets her overalls on and fixes the flat. When she is done she sees Bobby talking to the other woman and takes off in the car without him. Bobby was hoping to get a ride from the Worldly Woman but she just takes off leaving him to walk the rest of the way.
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            The Danger Girl is the sister of Reggie’s girlfriend and she has come to stay for a while. That night they got to a party. The Danger Girl sees Bobby trying to flirt with the Woman of the World and she gets an idea to lure him away. She disguises herself as a man vying for the other woman’s attention.
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            After this party scene I lost focus and the rest of the story is a bit muddled to me. But hey, the film is only twenty minutes long if you have twenty minutes to spare go watch it to see how the rest of the story unfolds.
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            I did not get bored with The Danger Girl. As I said I was tired and I had just watched two other silent films before this. Have you ever tried watching three silent films in a row before? It ain’t easy! What I was able to focus on for this film was very good. I like Gloria Swanson. It is always interesting to watch her early films before the 1920s when she was still a teenager. The woman could act the hell out of anything she was in she was so brilliant. You can see she must have had a good time making this because her acting was very good and her scenes where she dressed up as a man were perfect. I find it funny that people were mistaking or thinking Swanson for a man in this film because she had such a feminine face and these intensely gorgeous blue eyes. The plot has to move along somehow and her feminine looks were never brought into question. The Danger Girl is a good short silent film that I recommend watching. I actually would not mind watching it again.