Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Am Number Four (2011)

“My entire childhood has been an episode of X-files.”

            I am sure you must be asking yourself what the hell I am doing watching a movie like I Am Number Four and after I tell you why I do not blame you for judging the hell out of me because I feel like an ass explaining it but I have to so here it goes: I watched this movie because Dianna Agron is in it. But wait how do I know who Dianna Agron is, well I have watched a few episodes of Glee here and there. Now I beg of you do not think I am a fan of Glee because I absolutely hate that show but the few times I have seen it with my roommate I really liked Dianna Agron (also I like some of the songs they sing, they are very talented I just hate the show with a passion). I think she is really pretty and I like her few songs she has sung on the show (at the moment I am obsessed with her version of “Never Can Say Goodbye”). Besides Glee this girl has been on Veronica Mars and CSI:NY so I know she is talented. So that is why I sat through I Am Number Four that and the movie did not look that bad.
            This kid John (Alex Pettyfer) is an alien and is protected by a guardian named Henri (Timothy Olyphant). John and Henri move around a lot because of his abilities. He cannot be found out because there are bad aliens looking to destroy him. John is number four of nine kids from his home planet that escaped and they can only be killed off in numerical order and John is next. They have run off to Paradise, Ohio in the middle of nowhere from Florida where John got a scar on his leg that glowed when number three was killed.
            Henri wants John to stay in the house they are in but John wants to go to school he needs to get out of the house. At the school he meets a kid named Sam whose father was abducted by aliens and everyone makes fun of him. He also meets the school’s resident photographer Sarah Hart (Agron). One night Sarah takes John back to her house and he sees that her family is very loving and close and he feels sad that he does not have a family like hers.
            Of course John’s alien ability is let out of the bag and now the police are after him as well as the bad aliens. Another alien like John, Number 6, arrives just in time to help him when the bad aliens invade Paradise. Number 6 is awesome she is a kick ass girl who comes in and completely takes charge. 
            There was a lot that I felt was missing from the story that made it somewhat confusing. It felt like the powers that be were hoping for the movie to be really successful so that there could be a second one and then they would explain whatever was not in the first. Also I got a little bored because it is so geared towards teens it was ridiculous.
            Dianna Agron was great I really like her as an actress. You can believe she is a girl living in a small town who is pretty but not unbelievably pretty. Her character was very sweet and nice to John she seemed very genuine with that aspect of her character. Steven Spielberg produced this movie and he picked Agron out for the role himself because he likes her from Glee. Alex Pettyfer is gorgeous! I was looking up pictures of him while watching the movie and hot damn he is beautiful! Only problem for me is he is my brother’s age at twenty-one and that for me is a little awkward so my hopes were dashed when I found out his age haha (hey I can dream!!). His acting was pretty good I think he could be really famous and popular as he gets older and if he does better films. Pettyfer and Agron were very good looking together I would like to see them in another movie together. I think they dated and I do not blame them although she is a year older than me and he is three years younger than I am…
            I Am Number Four was alright. It absolutely did not hold my attention span because it was such a teen movie. To me teen movie try way too hard these days to be cool. They are not like 10 Things I Hate About You or She’s All That or Clueless. The stories are terrible today. I Am Number Four when it was released was being billed as a Twilight for boys… that could possibly be why it was not that good! Damn Twilight! It had that same kind of vibe and I HATE Twilight! All well at least I got this movie out of my system and my curiosity was filled. 

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