Monday, February 20, 2012

Underworld (2003)

“Though I cannot predict the future, the consequences of this night will reverberate through the halls of both great covens for many years to come.”

            Ever since Underworld came out I have wanted to see it. Finally nine years after its initial release I have gotten around to seeing the movie. This has always been one of those movies that looked really cool but was not something I was dying to watch otherwise I would have seen it years ago. A guy friend of mine is in love with Kate Beckinsale and he just bought the first two Underworld movies as well as Van Helsing on Blu-Ray.  We only got around to the first Underworld because I was falling asleep. From the moment the movie started I was not sure how I would like it. I did not really like it but I did not really hate it.
            Selene (Beckinsale) is part of a coven of vampires that has been around for centuries. She is a Death Dealer who keeps an eye out for the Lycans an ancient group of werewolves. They are supposed to be dead when Kraven one of the head vampires had killed their leader. Apparently the Lycans never died out and for the past several centuries Kraven has been in cahoots with the head Lycan Lucien.

            Lucien is looking for the ancestor of this man who was half werewolf half vampire. He has found that person, he is a young doctor named Michael. Selene was supposed to kill him but she sympathizes with him and cannot find it in her to do what she was told.
            As Selene uncovers more about Kraven, her creator Viktor, and Lucien she learns that the world she has known for such a long time is a lie. Now it is up to her to bring down the ones she thought she knew and to destroy an old enemy.
            I think my expectations were too high for this movie. I was expecting the character of Selene to be more kick ass and take-no-shit and I found her to be confident but not as badass as I thought she was going to be. She seemed held back. I guess I was thinking she was going to be a vampire version of Sydney Bristow and I was very wrong. I like Beckinsale as an actress I was expecting to her be really good as this sexy vampire. All the actors and characters kind of annoyed me.
            Underworld was alright. The story was so-so I was not thrilled with it. I was kind of bored with it before all the action started. I think the dull coloring and the dull acting made it boring. But as I said before I am not sure how I feel about Underworld, maybe if I watched it again I might have a better opinion. For the most part though, my expectations were high and in the end I was left feeling let down.  

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