Friday, April 6, 2012

Deep Blue Sea (2011)

The Deep Blue Sea is a movie that I am not sure how I feel about it. The story was alright but the acting was amazing which I have to say I was expecting since Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston are in it and their performances are never disappointing.
            The story is about a woman who is destroyed by love. It takes place after World War II. Hester Collyer (Weisz) is married to a judge named William. William is older than Hester and she feels trapped in their relationship. His mother is not very nice to her which puts more strain on her. She has an affair with a man her own age named Freddie Page (Hiddleston). Hester really loves Freddie and is willing to sacrifice everything for him. When William finds out about her affair he refuses to give her a divorce and promises to make things difficult for her.
            When Freddie is out of town Hester tries to kill herself but the landlady finds her before it is too late. The landlady calls William to come. He is not mad at her and asks Hester if she is still in love with Freddie. When she says yes he tells her he will give her a divorce. Freddie comes home that day, Hester does not tell him what happened but he finds her note to him and he goes into a rage. He cannot believe that because he forgot her birthday she tried to kill herself. Freddie storms out.
            We see that Freddie and Hester’s relationship blew hot and cold from the beginning. As Hester to explains to William Freddie’s life ended when the War started, he has not been the same since. But no matter how upset and angry Freddie gets Hester still loves him.
            Freddie decides to take a test pilot job down in South America. Hester asks if she can go with him but he says no because they are lethal to each other and that their relationship ended the day he read that note.
            The ending is sad but it is one that you could see coming.
            I know my summary probably sucks and you have no idea what is going but I was not impressed with the story and it flipped back and forth from the present to the past. I do not mind when movie plots use those devices I love flashback but with this film they are a bit complicated to explain. My favorite flashback of the movie is when Hester is running to Tube. She stops short of the platform and she remembers a night when she and William had to take shelter in the Underground during the War. The entire scene from Hester running downing the steps to the platform to her flashback to her leaving the platform was beautifully filmed.
            Rachel Weisz is an incredible actress. The more movies I see her in the more I like her. She was fabulous as Hester. Weisz had the look for a woman living in Post-War England. Her best scene was the Tube scene I just really liked that scene. Tom Hiddleston was also great. He had a great scene where Freddie freaks out on Hester that was fantastic, he blew that scene out of the water. I hope Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston will make another movie in the future they looked great together.
            I have to give a mention to the score. It was very haunting and at times very eerie. It reminded me of the Psycho by Bernard Hermmann at times.  
            The Deep Blue Sea is a sad love story. I am not really a fan of stories like this or Wuthering Heights where the main characters love each other so much but just destroy each other. That to me is not a love story. It was just really sad to see this woman who all she wanted was love but she was just on a self destructive path the whole time. She was in love with a man who had just as many problems as she did. As of right now The Deep Blue Sea is not available on DVD in the US, right now it is only available overseas. If you can get a hold of a copy give the movie a try not so much for the story but for the acting and the direction.

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