Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding Crashers (2005)

“Buddy, for your own good you gotta let this go.” 

            Wedding Crashers was a movie I had never ever planned on seeing and after finally watching it I know why. I only sat through the movie because my brother was watching it and I wanted to spend time with him since he came up from North Carolina for the weekend. My brother, Mr. Movie Fanatic and lover of current comedies, said he remembered it being better and did not like it too much anymore.
            In a nut shell the movie is about these two characters John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) who have been best friends for years and crash weddings together to sleep with women. They crash the wedding of the Secretary of the Treasury’s (Christopher Walken) daughter. It is a big crash since there will be secret service all over the place. The nice part is that the Secretary has two other daughters besides the bride.
            John hooks up with the one daughter Claire (Rachel McAdams) who is very pretty and very nice. Jeremy unfortunately hooks up with the crazy sister Gloria (Isla Fisher) who has the mentality of a little kid and will not leave Jeremy alone for two seconds. Gloria invites Jeremy and John to their house for the weekend. John is thrilled because he wants to be around Claire. At the house they meet Claire’s boyfriend Sack (Bradley Cooper) who is an absolute stuck up arrogant dick.
            No surprise over the weekend John and Claire fall in love and she really sees how much of an ass Sack is. Unfortunately Sack finds out that John and Jeremy are not who they really are and both guys get into some deep shit.
            John is depressed because he really loves Claire. Jeremy seeing and becoming engaged to Gloria is no help at all. But, surprise, surprise John and Claire get together in the end.
            I was not a fan of the crude sex humor but whenever Vince Vaughn got on a kick and started cursing up a storm I was dying from laughing. For some reason whenever I see someone in a movie go into a cursing tirade I laugh uncontrollably. Maybe it is because I have a foul mouth no one would expect to come from me. Or it could be that my one aunt curses whenever she tells a story and her stories always make me laugh…. Whatever it is Vince Vaughn had the best cursing fits.
            The only people I really liked in the movie were Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, and Jane Seymour playing the girls’ mother. Seymour was the horny older mother who was looking for sexual attention from John. She was crazy!! McAdam’s was adorable she is such a good actress. Fisher I think is great because she has such a sweet face and she was this psychotic, over sexed person. She just pulled that off so well.
            The grandmother was probably the best character in the whole movie. She cursed like a sailor and said whatever was on her mind. She reminded me of my great-grandma who is ninety-five and could be the nastiest or the funniest person with the foulest mouth ever (are getting the hint that my family consists of some foul mouthed people? I promise we are not white trash we are Italians who originate from Brooklyn).
            Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are two actors I do not care for at all. They always play the same annoying characters.
            I guess the real reason I never wanted to sit through the movie is because Bradley Cooper plays such a dick. I love Bradley Cooper I have been a huge fan of his since he was Will Tippen on Alias. When I heard he was a nasty son of a bitch I could not bring myself to see him play such a part. He was so good even if he was a total asshole and he was beautiful his crystal blue eyes kill me they are so gorgeous.
            Wedding Crashers to me was not really that funny. There are some parts that had me laughing but for the most part I just thought it was really stupid.  

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