Monday, August 10, 2015

The Warriors (1979)

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“You Warriors are good. Real good.”
The best.”

Remember years ago when VH1 had that series I Love the 70s? I think they started off with I Love the 80s and then went all over the place doing the 60s and 90s and having like a ton of spin offs of the 80s. Anyway, for those of you who may be young and have never heard of it these series went through the different decades by year and discussed pop culture from those years and make jokes about them. For some reason one episode of I Love the 70s has stuck with me all these years. It was 1979 and the movie The Warriors was being discussed. I remember one of the commentators who was a comedian and actor saying the famous line “Oh Warriors come out to play-i-ay.” I think it was the way he said that made me remember it, it was not like totally funny or amusing I think it was just the way he said. Ever since that episode and that moment I have wanted to see The Warriors and also because the lead actor in the movie was in Xanadu and that movie with all its shit-tastic glory is one of my time favorites. Finally years later I have watched The Warriors.
            Now, I did watch the movie but my brain decided not to totally focus on it so my summary is gonna suck! I will make it as short and coherent as possible.
            All the gangs throughout the five boroughs of New York City are called to a meeting in Central Park a guy named Cyrus who is leader of the City’s largest gang. All the gangs respect Cyrus and his call for nonviolence between all the gangs. One of the gangs is The Warriors who come all the way from Coney Island. At the meeting someone shoots Cyrus. Everyone ducks down except for one of the members of The Warriors. A member of another gang sees The Warrior still standing and immediately yells out that The Warriors killed Cyrus.
            Now all the gangs are searching Manhattan high and low for the wanted gang. All The Warriors have to do is make it onto the subway to get back to Coney Island. The other gangs and the police come between them and the subway. And for some reason there is a love interest between the lead of The Warriors and some girl he comes across on the street.

            Yeah, there is my summary of The Warriors. Was it worth watching? Sure it was. The movie was not bad. I actually had a good time seeing a really young James Remar as a loud mouth Warrior. He was really good looking! Michael Beck as the leader of the gang… the guy is truly a terrible actor! Xanadu is a wickedly terrible movie and Beck is part of the reason why. Thank god he did not have too much to say in The Warriors! The acting was a little unsettling but not as unsettling as seeing New York City in the 1970s. The City was a mess there was graffiti all over the subways and buildings it was just a disgusting mess. The Warriors is worth watching at least once. I am very happy with myself that I finally watched it after all these years. 

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