Friday, August 14, 2015

Welcome to Me (2014)

“Come with me. Into another time that happened to me.”

            Having a mental health disorder is not fun at all. I suffer from depression and anxiety that are symptoms of ADHD. All three suck beyond belief. Some days I can manage and some days I feel like a total monster and hate myself and everyone around me. I have to say that I feel lucky that I do not suffer from a mental health disorder that is more serious. I feel terrible for the people that do because having something wrong with your head is not fun. Movies with people suffering from a mental health disorder tend to make me uncomfortable since I know a little about what they must be going through. Sometimes I get uncomfortable when a character goes off their meds because I want to yell at them to stay on them! And sometimes I get uncomfortable with how they are seen by other characters. I hate the fact that there is a stigma with any kind of health disorder let along a mental health one. We are not crazy or selfish or incapable of being normal human beings. It is just harder to function at times.
            In the movie Welcome to Me, Kristen Wiig plays a character Alice Klieg who suffers from borderline personality disorder. She lives alone in a small apartment where she has kept her TV on for eleven years straight. She also has a lot of VHS tapes that have recorded episodes of Oprah on them. Alice has watched some of the episodes so many times she knows them by heart.
            Alice wins eighty-six million dollars in a local lottery. She immediately leaves her small home and goes to live in a casino on a reservation. One day she takes her friend to be in the audience of a talk show. The host of the show, Gabe, asks for a volunteer from the audience and Alice just comes walking down without being picked. She immediately tries to take over the show and the producers think she is a little nuts but they keep going with her. Gabe and his brother Rich (James Marsden) are the producers of the show and own their own network. Alice wants to have her own talk show like Oprah. But unlike Oprah where she had guests and had a theme to her episodes Alice just wants to talk about herself and do things that she finds interesting. Rich and the other producers do not want a show like that they wants a brand but are quickly quieted when Alice hands them a check for a couple of millions of dollars to get the show going.
            The show is just a complete mess. Alice’s emotional state comes through with every episode and no one knows how to handle it. She puts on reenactments of events in her life that she saw as traumatic but she never changes the name of the people. In another episode she has her psychiatrist on the line without him knowing. Her doctor in the meantime is worried about her because she had decided to go off her meds. Eventually Alice has a break down and the show is being sued by a lot of people. She also has been neglecting her only friend from being so focused on herself.
            In the end Alice somewhat overcomes her hurdles with being self-absorbed and neglecting her friend. When she goes home one night Gabe gives her a video camera and she films herself finally shutting off her TV.
            Welcome to Me was a good movie. Kristen Wiig is an amazing talent. I like how she can easily go from doing silly ridiculous comedy to dramadies. She was fantastic in this movie and makes it worth watching. Welcome to Me, as I said, is a little unsettling and uncomfortable, but it was good it has one of the most interesting stories in a movie I have seen in a while. This is a movie I definitely suggest seeing especially if you like Kristen Wiig and would like to see something different. 

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