Sunday, October 4, 2015

Silent Sundays: The Bat (1926)

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“I see by the paper that the Bat's in the neighborhood. I'm setting a bear trap for him.”


            The Bat takes place in a small town. The town has been ravaged by a set of burglaries staged by a person simply known as The Bat since he wears a bat mask and signs his taunting letters with a drawing of a bat.  The criminal has stolen a set of famous jewels owned by a man after he wrote a letter saying he was going to do so. The police come but The Bat has run away with the jewels before he can be caught. He leaves a letter to the police saying he is going to be taking a small break at in the country.

            At the country home of the president of the town’s bank are a group of people. The house has been rented out for the weekend by a relation of the president’s. The bank is in a bit of trouble: $20,000 has been stolen and the president’s nephew has been accused of taking the money. Despite that set back quite a few people have come to stay including a young girl named Cornelia and her aunt. Cornelia has brought a young man with her claiming he is a gardener but he is really the missing nephew Brooks Bailey (Jack Pickford). Brooks is looking to clear his name by finding that missing money. Some other people staying at the house know the money is there as well and that there are also hidden rooms in throughout the house where they can look.

            The Bat also knows the money is in the house as well. When The Bat makes his appearances someone dies.
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            The Bat started off pretty well but I found myself getting bored after a while. I was expecting a drama and it turned out to be a comedy. That did not bother me at all. What bothered me was that it just seemed to drag on for a while in certain parts such as when everyone was running around the house like maniacs looking for The Bat. Besides the slower aspects The Bat was really well made. Apparently The Bat was one of the inspirations for the comic Batman. You can see at the beginning and certain other scenes how this silent film influenced the creation of Batman. The Bat is a good silent film that I recommend giving a try.
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