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Silent Sundays: The Fair Co-Ed (1927)

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“The co-ed’s dormitory was christened ‘The Port of Missing Men’

            There are always people in life, whether in school or the work force, that use their charm to get whatever they want. If they are fortunate enough they can also use their looks. Some fall at those people’s feet and become part of their coat tails crew. Some who work hard and follow the rules hate the charmers who get by on little to no work or effort. Eventually, there comes a time when the charmers are not so charming anymore and are hated/disliked by everyone. That is what happens to the main character in the 1927 silent comedy The Fair Co-Ed.
            Marion Bright (Marion Davies) is a spoiled rich girl who has boys fawning all over her. Her father has enough and tells her she is going to be enrolled in college. Marion fights her father until she sees that, the cute boy Bob from the college come around to the house trying to sell books.
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            At Bingham College, Marion is placed in a co-ed dormitory. As soon as she gets on campus Marion is flirting with all the boys. She gets even more attention when she joins the girls’ basketball team. The only reason Marion joined the team is because Bob is the coach. Turns out Marion is very good at basketball but she not very good at being nice to her teammates.  The girls on the team are mad at her for not passing the ball and walking around like she owns the place. The girls decide to kick her off the team.
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            The team has been losing their games without Marion and their big game against their rivals is coming up. Marion has been delighted that the team is losing without her. The team is not so delight and they ask her to come back. Marion does not want to out of spite but she realizes the school needs her and she agrees to come back for the game.

            The Fair Co-Ed was a pretty good comedy. There were several scenes where everyone was just chasing each other and some other scenes that were just silly. Marion Davies was excellent as a comedic actress and The Fair Co-Ed is worth watching for her performance.
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