Saturday, April 25, 2015

Remember Me (2010)

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 “You once told me, our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch. Is that true for everybody, or is it just poetic bullshit?”

            Remember Me is a movie I have been wanting to see for the past few years. I had it downloaded at one point but I had no room on my hard drive so it had was one of those movies I figured I would find again. Now Remember Me is on Netflix so no downloading it for me this time! My brother and his girlfriend just watched the movie which in turn finally put fire under my ass to watch it after having wanted to for so many years.
            In 1991 Ally and her mother were waiting on the subway platform to head home. It was late at night and they were the only ones there when two guys dressed all in black started looking at them. Ally’s mother noticed that the two guys were eyeing her up. They came up to her and told them just to take her bag and leave them alone. The train comes, the mother stares them down, the guys realize she can ID them, and one of them shoots her from the train killing her. Ally’s father is called to the scene. He is a police detective.
            A few years later, the story goes to a guy named Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson). His older brother Michael killed himself a few years before and every year his family gathers at his grave. Tyler’s parents are divorced. His father (Pierce Brosnan) is a big lawyer at his own law firm and never has the time for him and his younger sister Caroline. Tyler has not been the same since Michael killed himself. He acts out and gets into trouble. One night after him and his friend left a bar they witness a fight. Tyler immediately gets in the middle of the fight to get all his frustration and emotion out. The police come and the detective is Ally’s father. He lets Tyler and the friend go but for some stupid reason Tyler aggravates the detective and gets himself thrown in jail.
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            The friend is outside the school talking with a teacher when he sees the detective from the fight pull up with Ally to drop her off at school. She goes to the same college as Tyler and they are even in the same class. His friend has him go up to Ally (Emilie de Ravine) and ask her to a party to mess with her father. Ally and Tyler wind up really liking each other. She gets drunk and passes out and stays the night. Her father is not happy he hits her and she goes back to Tyler’s apartment.
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            Ally winds up basically living with Tyler and his friend. Neither of them feels as lost as they once felt. Their anger and resentment and emotions from their loses are still there but they are not as prominent.
            Other things happen that would be all jumbled if I tried to explain them so I will stop here with the summary. And the ending… honestly it belongs with one of the best/saddest twists in a movie ever. You will never ever guess what happens.
            I liked the acting a lot. Robert Pattinson needs more credit than those dumb ass Twilight movies the guy has a good range as an actor. Emilie de Ravine was great. It was nice seeing her outside a sci-fi/fantasy story. Pierce Brosnan’s character was a dick but in the end he realizes what is important. Lena Olin plays Tyler’s mother. I have not seen her in anything since Alias went off the air almost ten years ago! Kate Burton played Brosnan’s secretary. Gotta give her a shout out because she will always be Ellis Grey from Grey’s Anatomy to me.

            Was Remember Me worth seeing having wanted to for so many years? Yes, it was. I really liked it. The story was well written, the acting was great, and the direction really helped you feel all the emotions of all the characters. I liked with the story how it showed the worst in people be them family members or just random people that make others suffer. Yet this suffering is balanced with love. I have no idea if that made any sense but just know that all the characters are suffering from something tragic and they all want some kind of love in their lives.  Remember Me is a movie I highly recommend watching.
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