Saturday, April 4, 2015

Under the Skin (2013)

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“I just wanted to get away.”
“Why here?”
“Because it’s anywhere.”

            There are several movies I have seen that have left me thinking what the fuck did I just watch? I like crazy mind fuck movies. If a movie can leave me a bit confused but kind of understanding I think it is good. To me that means they have some deep undertones that need to be looked up. Under the Skin was definitely one of those mind fuck movies that once I researched I understood it a little bit better.
            The story takes place through the eyes of an alien woman simply credited as The Female (Scarlett Johansson). She is given the body of a dead girl. The Female takes the clothes off the girl then goes to a mall to get clothes and makeup.
            The Female drives around in a van. While driving she observes people and also picks up men. Some of the men she drives she lures back to an apartment or house. This apartment or house turns into a completely black room. With every man she brings back she takes off more and more of her clothes. The men strip down to nothing as they follow her. They do not even realize they walk into what looks like a very deep puddle of water and are emerged in some kind of liquid. The liquid pulls everything out of their bodies until just their skin is left.
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            The more The Female travels around she tries more human things such as eating and having sex. But with all this participation and observation the more she becomes disenchanted with the human world she sees it for how harsh and evil it really is.

            My summary is what I was able to get out of Under the Skin while watching it and after looking up the plot and some reviews. I think the idea of seeing the human world in the eyes of an actual alien is genius especially because it through the eyes of a woman and how easily some of the men were able to be seduced. I also think it was fascinating that a man wrote the screenplay and he is showing a spectrum of men from nice guys to guys looking for sex and being easily seduced to a guy with a horrible facial disfigurement to an evil bastard who molested The Female and eventually killed her. I know not all men are like this they were stereotypes but a lot of the men in this movie were not actors. The characteristics of these men also taught The Female a range of human emotions and feelings she never experienced before. Under the Skin will leave you saying to yourself “what the fuck?” but I will say it is worth watching at least once. It is different and mind fucking yet it is interesting and intriguing.