Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Saturday Night Kid (1929)

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In real life and in films I absolutely hate when people start drama between two other people. That one person who starts the drama is usually jealous and wants something or someone for themselves. That is pretty much the entire hour and three minute story of The Saturday Night Kid.
            Mayme (Clara Bow) and her sister Janie (Jean Arthur) live and work together at a department store. Also working at the department store and living in the same apartment building is Bill Taylor. Mayme really likes Bill and he likes her as well. Janie is jealous of her sister going out with Bill. The sisters do not really get along that well. Janie is always wearing Mayme’s things without asking and doing other mischievous things with Mayme’s belongings.
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            Mayme is usually late for work. Janie on the other hand is always on time even though she leaves after her sister by hitching rides with strangers which Mayme does not like at all. The department store is putting on a show for a charity with the employees as the actors. Mayme and Jane are chosen for two of the characters and Janie is also chosen as treasurer for the charity money since she is always on time for work. That same day a female customer comes in and flirts with Bill. Mayme does not that like that all so when the customer is on an exercise machine she cranks it up and the customer is all in a fit about it. Bill gets mad at Mayme for driving away a sale and for her behavior. Mayme does not go home with Bill or her sister that night. Bill comes back to the apartment to find only Janie home. Janie decides to start her nasty wedge between Bill her sister right then and there.
            Janie’s plan works for a while and then fantastically back fires when she gambles the money from the charity away on a horse race and she blames Mayme as the one who gambled the money. Mayme slaps the ever living hell out of her sister for the crap she pulled. Bill forgives her in a very cheesy ending. She had nothing to forgive him about why the hell was she apologizing?! Damn classic films in moments like this!

            The Saturday Night Kid was disappointing. I have read and heard that it is a classic Pre-Code that was good. I will say it was great to finally hear Clara Bow talk after seeing her in so many silent films. I liked hearing her voice to go along with that attitude she had. Jean Arthur as much as I love the woman was not good in this film. It could have been her character that I could not get into or it could have been that this one of her early speaking roles. I will only say to watch The Saturday Night Kid if you are a fan of either Clara Bow, Jean Arthur, or Pre-Code films otherwise skip it.  
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