Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flashdance (1983)

“When you give up your dream, you die.”

            Is it just me or do most musicals have the plot where a person has a dream of becoming a dancer like on Broadway or going to a dance school? You think of the plot when it comes to a musical and it is most likely has been done. Flashdance is no different when it comes to typical musical stories. Sometimes typical works and sometimes typical bombs. With Flashdance typical bombed.
            Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) lives and works in Pittsburgh. By day she works as a welder and by night she is a dancer at a bar. Alex has been dancing her whole life and has a great passion for it. Her dream is to be accepted into a prestigious dance academy. She had gone to apply one day; she was in the application office but backed out because she sees she was not like the other more well trained girls also applying.
            I am not in the mood to write out any more of the plot of Flashdance because it was boring as all hell. Just know that Alex has a few setbacks and some struggles and realizes that she has nothing to lose and applies and of course she gets in.
            I really was not expecting much from Flashdance. It is one of those eighties movies that I have always heard about and wanted to see what the big deal was. Of course I had heard the theme song so many times and I knew that the cut sweatshirt comes from this movie and who has not seen the parts where Alex is dancing up on stage and pulls the lever to bring water down on her or the scene where she dances to "Maniac". Jennifer Beals I have seen over the years in other shows. She was not bad in the other shows but in this movie her acting was horrible. I laughed quite a bit her acting was so bad in some scenes. I had certainly not expected it to be good and it was not. Flashdance was not terrible but it was definitely not the best. 
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