Friday, September 18, 2015

Miss Julie (2014)

“Are you ever afraid to hear that you're no longer wanted? That you don't belong?”

            I do not even how to begin to describe the 2014 movie Miss Julie because I was very unimpressed by it. The story was outrageously uninteresting and the characters completely unlikeable.
            The story takes place in 1890s Ireland. A young noblewoman simply called Miss Julie (Jessica Chastain) roams around her home wild and carefree. Two of the servants, the cook Kathleen and the driver Jean (Colin Ferrell) discuss how Julie has been flirting with the gate keeper and doing other insane things because she can get away with it.
            Julie comes into the kitchen and immediately causes trouble. Jean and Kathleen are engaged to be married. Julie knows this and decides to tease Jean. Well, her teasing eventually leads to the entire situation between mistress and servant way too far.
            Honestly that is all I am going to give you about the story because it was just crazy and way too long for my attention.
            The acting by the two actresses saved the movie. Jessica Chastain is just incredible. In all the movies I have so far seen Chastain in the woman has not given one bad performance. She really, really makes you hate Julie. Chastain is perfection. You can see that Julie is a board privileged girl with nothing better to do and by the end of the movie you can see that she just really mentally disturbed. Chastain played those aspects of the character to perfection. Samantha Morton who played Kathleen was great. Kathleen is the only character you can give any sympathy to and Morton did a great job making us feel terrible for her.
            Colin Ferrell was awful. His character could have been better had there been another actor in the role. I just cannot take him seriously as an actor.
            Liv Ullmann’s direction was brilliant. It was gorgeous and she did a fantastic job capturing the insane range of the emotions and feelings the characters go through.

            Miss Julie was annoying as hell. Julie and Jean were both impulsive, repressed people whose feelings totally exploded. I was bored with Miss Julie almost from the beginning. Unless you are a gigantic Jessica Chastain fan I say keep as far away from Miss Julie as you can.
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