Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Give It a Year (2013)

Ok seriously, what am I doing to myself. Honestly, I Give It a Year is like the third chick flick I have watched probably within the past three months that I have watched that I have wanted to just rip my hair out watching. Is I Give It a Year a chick flick? Who the hell knows and who the hell really cares. I was bored from the moment it started.
            I really do not even want to write a summary about it no matter how short I can make it but let’s get this shit over with:
            Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh get married after not really knowing each other for that long. Their family and friends are not totally convinced they will work as a couple. They start to see what everyone is talking about nine months into their marriage. Nat is neat and professional while Josh is a writer who spends most of his time at home not really writing.
            Nat takes on a new client named Guy (Simon Baker) and of course starts falling for him again. An old girlfriend of Josh’s named Chloe (Ana Faris) comes back into his life and all the feelings he had for her come back as well.
            Well, big surprise Nat and Josh hate being married to each other and realize they are in love with Guy and Chloe and they decide to divorce.
            God what a fucking bore I Give It a Year was. The only and only reason I even sat through this train wreck was because of my diehard admiration for Rose Byrne as an actress and she could not even save it and my boredom. Ugh, the movies I will sit through for an actor/actress I like! Byrne’s acting was not terrible at all the story and character just sucked. Simon Baker was actually good I liked him and liked his character. Baker and his character were the only good parts of the movie. Do not give I Give It a Year any chances, you will bore yourself to death.
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