Monday, May 16, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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“He's my friend.”
“So was I.”

            There are SO many superhero movies out today. The market is flooded with them and it seems most of them have the same themes and endings. The most common theme seems to be certain superheroes do not like each other at first and then through some kind of coincidence or magic they respect each other and come to be on the same side. Not totally bashing that storyline but it is just seems overused. Captain America: Civil spins that overused plot around by having the superheroes of the Avengers be friend and then become enemies.
            The Avengers are in serious trouble. They caused an insane amount of damage in the small country of Sakoia trying to fight off Ultron and in this film they accidentally blow up a building where innocent people were working. The United Nations believe that the Avengers should be kept in check. They propose The Sakovia Accords which is a rule/guidebook for the Avengers to sign and agree to that would give them limited power and only fight where they are assigned.
            Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) believes that every one of them should sign. He feels terrible that a young man died and his mother gave him a photo of her son. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), on the other hand, does not want to sign he believes that they should be able to go wherever in the world they are needed to help people.
            Steve gets himself into some deep crap when he helps his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) aka The Winter Soldier. The United Nations conference for The Sakovia Accords was bombed and in a surveillance photo Bucky is the one who set the bomb in a news van. Steve does not believe Bucky would do something like even if the photo clearly shows him setting the bomb. He believes his best friend is innocent because Bucky remembered who he was slightly in The Winter Soldier. Iron Man and a lot of others think Steve is insane for defending Bucky and they want to stop him before things get out of hand.
            Obviously, there is a big clash between Tony and Steve and an even bigger one involving the other Avengers and some newer superheroes such as Spider Man, Black Panther, and Ant Man. The regulars from the tales of various Avengers pick their sides and do battle with their leader friends.
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            In the end Steve and Tony do not settle their differences and the once friends remain divided.
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            I was dying with the battle between Captain America and Iron Man because Ant Man was in it. The scene where Ant Man/Adam Lang is introduced to Steve is quite possibly my favorite scene of the movie. It just makes me so happy to see Paul Rudd in this superhero universe. Black Panther is an awesome character. He had a very interesting story that I am not going to give too much away because it is a major plot of the story and he is getting his own movie soon. The whole battle between the Avengers was incredible it was funny and intense and action packed.
            As much as I liked Civil War I do have a few complaints. I do hate to compare Marvel to DC but I have to say that DC did an awesome job in Batman vs. Superman with giving backstory into/slash an explanation as to why Batman and Superman fight in the first place. There is no need to watch Superman: Man of Steel before this although it might help a little but a lot of information and backstory is given in the movie. With these Marvel movies if you have not seen one you are shit out of luck and may not have any idea what they are talking about. Like if you have never seen Age of Ultron you will have no clue who Vision and Scarlett Witch are, you will have no clue what Sakovia is and why it is significant, and you may have no idea who Sharon Carter is from The Winter Soldier (I watched The Winter Soldier and even I forgot who she was) and a whole bunch of other points of the story. My major complaint may be the love aspect between Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers. Sharon Carter for those of you who may not be able to guess was Agent Carter’s niece. Like, ok, I completely understand that Steve has to move on from Peggy Carter, she got to age and she had to move on but with her niece? Seriously writers?! Steve and Sharon kissed and it felt like such shit it was so forced. (Plus I have an issue with Sharon Carter. If we are to go by the story shown in the TV show Agent Carter, Peggy’s brother and only sibling died in World War II and he was not married so therefore no kids from him. If that is true how is Sharon’s last name Carter? Sure, she could have changed her last name because her aunt was fucking Queen of the Universe and kick ass in every way, but if not then how the hell is her last name Carter?)
            Captain America: Civil War was a great movie. It is one of my favorite Marvel movies along with Captain America: The First Avenger, Ant-Man, and Deadpool. I like how everyone started off as friends and colleagues and by the end they were divided by these two men over how they were supposed to protect the people of the world. I do have to say I do not understand why Captain America had such an issue with the accords and being monitored, it seems like something he would agree with. But at the same time I can see why he would not want to be monitored and would want to just go and save whoever needs saving because that is the basic idea of Captain America: he wants to be the good guy, he wants to help everyone he can without restrictions. Captain America: Civil War is definitely a movie to go see in theaters as soon as you can. The action is great, the story is intense and interesting, and it will leave you very satisfied.

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PS. Just in case you guys could not tell I am 100% #TeamCap. I loved seeing him beat the crap out of Iron Man.