Monday, July 2, 2012

Delicacy (2011)

I read a review of Delicacy where the reviewer starts off by saying “Expectations can be such a bitch…” Delicacy was not terrible in the slightest but I was hoping the film would be better than it turned out because Audrey Tautou is the star.
            Three years have passed since Nathalie Kerr (Tautou) lost her husband Francois in an accident. Francois was her true love and the years have not helped her at all to move on. She has a job as manager at an office. Her boss has been trying to put the moves on her ever since she started working for him. One day sitting in her office Nathalie opens the draw in her desk and finds Francois’s key ring. The door opens, a man named Markus walks in for an appointment to go over something with her. Nathalie gets up and out of nowhere kisses him!
            Markus feels like the luckiest guy on earth since he not good looking in the slightest. Nathalie cannot believe what she did and just wants to forget the whole thing. Markus goes to her the next day to speak about the incident but Nathalie just tells him to go away it was a huge mistake.
            As time goes on though Markus and Nathalie become friends. She is not with him because of his looks she is with him because he is a nice, funny, and sensitive man. Markus takes Nathalie out to the theater and out to eat and is just the type of guy she needs in her life. Their boss is pissed off with her because he cannot see how she can be with a man who is not good looking while he is always chasing after her. The boss throws Nathalie over the edge one day when he cruelly brings up Francois. She runs away with Markus to her grandmother’s house in the country. There Markus sees the different stages of Nathalie and ends the film by saying he hopes to put a stamp on her past so she can move forward.
            The story was cute and sweet proving that looks are not important just as long as the person is good. I did not read a summary of Delicacy beforehand so I had no idea what I was getting into and for not knowing what the movie was about it was not terrible but it was not that great. I guess this is one of a handful of times when my expectations got the best of me. Audrey Tautou is such a great actress I love her face and her whole look. She is so French! The actor who played Markus was a really ugly, nasty looking bugger in OSS 117: Nest of Spies. He actually makes my stomach turn a bit when I watch that movie and I feel terrible now because he played such a good guy in Delicacy. As I said Delicacy is not terrible but do not waste your time really trying to look for it.  

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