Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insidious (2011)

An ominous-looking small boy  stares at the viewer as the credits are listed below.
“I went into Dalton's room... there was something in there with him. It was standing in the corner. I asked it, "Who are you?" It said "a visitor." I then asked it, "What do you want?" It said Dalton.”

            The director for Insidious, James Wan, directed Paranormal Activity and Saw. Paranormal Activity I thought was a load of crap simply for the fact that you knew when something “scary” was going to happen music would start playing… that and the actors were completely unbelievable. Saw is a damn joke I saw it in a class I had in high school and was laughing my ass off. Insidious is a whole other story. My brother Anthony saw this in the theaters and he came home the biggest chicken I have ever seen. He shares a room with our little brother and he was not home so Anthony told my parents to get Christian home because he was not sleeping in his room alone!! I took this as a grain of salt because Anthony for years has refused to sit through the remake of Amityville Horror and that is not scary in the slightest. I still cannot even tell you why Anthony went to see this in the first place he hates horror.
            On Tuesday Anthony bought Insidious on Blu Ray and made me and another one of our brothers Joey watch it. Anthony was crapping his pants he was wrapping his arms around Joey’s legs and just freaking himself out. I tried watching the movie and I got ten minutes in and I freaked out and went upstairs. Anthony was mad at me because he thought I was so brave with movies. I was mad at myself I still cannot believe I chickened out like I did. Tonight Anthony’s girlfriend came over wanting to watch Insidious. The girl was afraid of Ghostbusters when she first watched it!!! I decided to have another go… my heart is still beating out of control.
            Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson), his wife Renai (Rose Byrne), and their three kids have just moved into a new house. Besides Renai hearing some eerie voices on the baby monitor and a door slamming things are going well, until their one son Dalton is found unconscious one morning in his bed.
            The doctor cannot explain why Dalton is comatose. Even though he had fallen and hit his head the previous night there is no reason why he should be unconscious. A few months later Dalton is still comatose but he is now at home with a nurse coming in to check on him. All the sudden strange things start happening again. Foster, Dalton’s brother hears things in this the middle of the night thinking it is Dalton who is walking around. There is a knock at the door late at night but when Josh goes to check no one is there. Upstairs in the bedroom Renai sees someone walking around outside the window then all the sudden she sees a man standing in her room. The man comes over and tries to choke Renai as she is screaming for her life. When Josh comes upstairs the man is gone.
            Another occurrence sets Renai into a panic and she wants to move out of the house. She feels the house is haunted and she does not want to stay there anymore. The family moves but not long after they move in the paranormal occurrences become more frequent and even more frightening.
            The Ending is one of the best endings I have ever seen. Totally what I was not expecting at all and I love endings like that.
            The reason why the family is being haunted is very interesting and not corny at all. The “horror” is not what is normally considered “horror” today. It is not slasher porn or bloody and disgusting. Hitchcock once said that it is not what pops out that is scary it is the buildup that makes your heart race and what creates the suspense. Nothing could be truer for Insidious. Like Psycho the music score will have your heart leaping out of your chest alone. But what is being built up can be really scary. I was disturbed by some of the things shown just because they were creepy looking, not nasty, just really creepy.
            So was I scared? You bet! I was hiding behind my stuffed animal most of the time (yes, I am twenty-three years old and still have a stuffed animal. Deal with it.). Christian “watched” the movie from underneath a blanket the whole time he was did not look out from under it once. The music and the sound effects were even freaking him out. Insidious does have a very good and very different story. Most ghost stories to me suck they just never seem to have a decent story but Insidious does and it keeps the story from going out of control and ridiculous.
            My heart is still racing and the movie has been over for a half hour now. Insidious to me is more of a suspense movie. If your heart and your eyes can take things popping out and maybe even if you like to be scared then definitely watch Insidious. As scared as I was the first time around I am glad I gave the movie a chance. Will I be watching it again anytime soon, HELL NO!!!!
            I am going to go watch a musical now I need a happy movie after this.

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