Friday, July 8, 2011

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Blame Canada!”

            Yes, me and all my love for the classy, sophisticated old films where the humor is nothing more than a silly saying has sat through the South Park movie. I do not think I have ever heard so much cursing in one movie in my whole life. But, my God, was I laughing so hard.
            The whole story is the crew of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan go to see this movie starring Canadian actors Terrance and Philip. The movie is so foul and horrendous it sets the whole town alight in fury. The boys’ mothers especially Kyle’s gets all up in arms over Terrance and Phillip. She starts a whole campaign to get the movie banned and to punish the two stars.
            Things spiral out of control and the US attacks Canada and a war starts out between the two countries. Oh and in the mean time Kenny dies again and he goes to hell where Satan lives with Saddam Hussein (who has died from being attacked by fish if I remember correctly). Satan is Saddam’s bitch and the two plan on returning to earth and taking over.
            I do have a funny side and I do occasionally watch idiotic movies like this and thoroughly enjoy them. My friend is obsessed with South Park and he is always quoting it so it was nice to finally see and hear all the things he is constantly talking about. I cracked up with some of the songs especially “Kyle’s Mom” and one of the songs Terrence and Phillip sing which I will not write down because it is one big curse (I run a respectable blog, thank you very much).
            Suggested: Only if you have a very good, sick sense of humor and do not mind a ton of cursing and crude humor.

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