Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grease (1978)

“It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's what you do with your dancin' shoes.” 

            I can remember first watching Grease like it was yesterday. I cannot remember how old I was I must have been in elementary school or maybe middle school. I remember it so vividly sitting at my grandma’s house one summer flipping through the channels when my grandpa (who always has the remote) stopped on Grease. Me being little I thought it was about the country Greece because my mind has always been on history. The scene that was on was when Danny and Sandy are talking in the diner by the jukebox after he is a jerk to her when they meet for the first time since the summer. That is all I remember of watching the movie at that point but not too long after that my mom got the movie for me on VHS (yes VHS that is how long ago I am going back) and ever since then I have loved Grease.
            I think everyone should know the story so there is no sense of me writing a summary and if you do not too bad go look it up!
            I watched Grease with my parents, brothers, and one of their girlfriends who is sixteen years old and has never seen the movie! I had not watched this is so long it was great. My dad was going nuts he wanted to get up and dance and sing to the songs but we stopped him because then he would go overboard and too crazy (he does this with all musicals he is so annoying). I find the more I watch Grease the more dirty things I hear and notice haha.
            All the musical numbers are fantastic but my favorites are Summer Lovin, Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee, Hopelessly Devoted to You, Beauty School Drop Out, You’re the One That I Want, and We Go Together. Alright so that is like half the songs in the movie but so what these are the ones that always make me happy and that I cannot help but sing along with.
            I love the cast they were all so perfect in their roles. Olivia Newton-John was not the greatest actress ever but she was adorable as Sandy. I get a kick out of Stockard Channing as Rizzo she was the tough, lose chick but was also a softy. Since I watch so many old films and I know who Eve Arden and Joan Blondell are I got a kick out of seeing them.
            I had a good time watching Grease with my family. My mom said that she can quote the movie word for word along with the songs. She said she remembers going to see it in theaters with a bunch of her friends when it came out. Grease is one of the first movies I went crazy for and loved. I still love it and still enjoy immensely whenever I watch it

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