Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!! Looking Back and Looking Ahead

                                     Happy New Year to all my wonderful followers!!

            For me 2011 was both a good year and an incredibly frustrating one. School was not very kind to me last Spring semester, I was stressed out to the max because my college’s administration was terrible with paperwork and letting me know what classes I still needed to graduate. I wound up last Spring getting three As and two Bs and I made the Dean’s List for the first time in my college career. I also made great friends I still talk to and see. I finally got a job after not working for quite some time…. it is not a job I particularly want but I need a Master’s Degree before I can even look for the real job I want.
            The best thing to come out of the last year was this blog. I started this blog as a way to get my opinions out about the films that I watch. If you follow this blog enough you will know that my passion lies in viewing classic films. No one in my family or my friends watches classic films like I do so I cannot really talk about the films with them. This blog allows my passion to come through.
            When I started Une Cinéphile (for those of you who do not speak French the name means “cinema enthusiast”) I was taking a class called Music in Film just for fun. My professor was amazing he knows so much about film history and was so into what he was teaching he and his class really inspired me. I love to learn and I love to take what I learn and teach others. After viewing Sadie Thompson and King Kong in the class and learning about the music and some trivia I felt like I had to share the information with others.
            Since starting Une Cinéphile I have viewed and written about 258 films. I know some bloggers have seen way more than me in one year alone but this is with me going to school as well as working. Each film I have viewed and written about has been an incredible experience for good and bad. I love looking back and seeing how in awe I was with some of the films or how I thought I a film was crap. I also like to look back to see how much my love for film has expanded to so many different genres and decades and actors and actresses.

            Looking Back
            I have viewed so many films with so many different actors and actresses but the ones I have become a huge of fan and the ones who have written about over and over are Myrna Loy and William Powell. Without a doubt they have been the most talked about actors on this blog since last January. It amazes me that just last January when I was on winter break I downloaded all The Thin Man films. From the way I have talked about these two you would think I have been a fan of theirs for years and years not just one. Myrna Loy gets the win for the most written about classic movie star. I have written about thirty-four of her films! and I have so many more to see.
            I have also become a huge fan of Pre-Code films. I love watching them and reading about them. Pre-Codes were risky and adventurous and best of all they featured women out on their own and being as ballsy and free as men. The more I see of these films the more I adore them. They reflect the times they were made in and how women were living and viewing the world.
            Besides Myrna Loy I have become a fan of so many actresses. One actress I have become a great fan of this year has been Olivia de Havilland. I was a fan of her sister Joan Fontaine’s first which is how I came to hear of her. Ever since I first viewed Olivia de Havilland in The Adventures of Robin Hood I have adored her. All her films I have seen so far are just flawless.
            My list of favorite classic actors grew significantly this year. My favorite additions have been William Powell and Charlie Chaplin. From the moment I first viewed The Great Dictator I understood why Charlie Chaplin is so important to film history and the industry. He was a genius and one genius I am proud to be a fan of.

            Looking Ahead
            2012... a new year with plenty of new films coming out. I plan to see a lot more new films. Hey, I am only twenty-four and there are a lot of new stars and new films I enjoy. My brother keeps my classic film loving heart young by keeping me up to date with what is coming out. New films out/coming out so far I would like to see: War Horse, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Young Adults, Hugo, Tintin, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and One For the Money.
            My brother has a ton of newer films I would like to watch as well. He has all, what I like to call, “boy movies”. He has got all the action and adventure movies. I have wanted to further my film genres and films in general and he has the perfect collection for that. So look out for more “boy movies” posts.
            I could never fully neglect my oldies. I have been finding more and more films becoming available on Youtube to my absolute delight. That makes my viewing of old films so much easier.

            To wrap things up I would like to thank all my followers for being fabulous. Thank you all so much for sharing a passion for movies with me to where you have decided to follow Une Cinéphile. 

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