Monday, January 2, 2012

War Horse (2011)

When I was in London one summer no matter where I went or form of transportation I took I would always see a poster for the play War Horse. I did not really know what it was about nor did I particularly care to know because I do not have a slight interest in horses. Also the posters looked odd… from this you could say posters really do create interest or not. Until last year I totally forgot about the War Horse posters until I heard a film based on the play was going to be released. I saw the trailer and thought alright why not see it this time since I now slightly know what the story is.
            The story is set before World War I in the small English village of Devon. A man named Ted Narracott buys a horse for more money than he has once he sees his landlord that he hates bidding on the same horse. His wife his angry with him but his son Albert is more than thrilled because for a few years he has watched the horse grow and run wild. He names the horse Joey.
            Albert and Joey are inseparable. Albert teaches the horse to do several things including plowing the land that was thought unable to be plowed and how to come to him when he whistles a certain way.
            As time goes on Ted is unable to pay the landlord in full. A heavy ran wiped out their crop and they have no money without that. Ted takes Joey early in the morning and sells the horse to the army when war is declared. Albert is too late to stop his father and the boy is heartbroken.
            Joey’s story of survival and how many hands he passed through is incredible. After his rider dies in a raid on German soldier he was taken in by two young German soldiers looking to escape their army and head home. He was then found by a little French girl who was so happy for something beautiful in her life. He was taken by German soldiers who used him to carry weapons.
            Through war and years apart Albert and Joey find each other and return home.
            War Horse is a spectacular film. I went with my younger brothers to see this and they said it was like Band of Brothers only instead of soldiers of the human kind it was about a horse. Everything about it was perfect even though at some points it felt like it was dragging (maybe that was just me because we saw it at like 10:30 in the morning). Steven Spielberg has made one of his best movies to date and is one of the only directors around who truly cares in making quality films from production down to stories and actors. War Horse is one of the best movies to come out in the past few years. 

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